Can we talk about how AMAZING my spirit animal Solange looks in this dress?  LAWD.  A description involving Josephine baker, bananas foster and a tuxedo comes to mind, but it wouldn’t make much sense outside of my head.  I probably shouldn’t have written that.

It seems we have similar tastes in jewelry.  Lady Grey is the shit.



Summer hasn’t really been much of a summer this year, so I have my mind set on other things…namely, Labor Day vacation and what I’d like to be wearing when the seasons “change.”  Below is a trio of photos that are giving me the vapors:

Photo via The Sartorialist

High-waisted trousers, daytime sequins, light jewelry…

Photo via Necole Bitchie

…mixed prints, lots of color…

Photo via Jak and Jil


…silky thangs, shiny thangs, and chunky necklaces inspired by the motherland…

Sensing a theme yet?


Ok, maybe this only makes sense in my mind…then again, I’m the one who dreams about Chris Brown tweeting his phone number so that he can sing apologies to people, security guards who take wild skunks out for walks, Lost’s John Locke in a voguing competition with Benny Ninja inside a Nintendo store, and several situations in which people are trying to kill me…

Anyway, the crux of this post is to declare my desire to don things mixed with other things that probably shouldn’t be mixed together but somehow work.

COHESION is the word of the season. 

I’m all over all of this in T-minus 2 months.  Wallet and hands willing.

…viva solo…


I’m here to make music, to inspire myself. I’m not selling my likability, I’m sharing my journeys. If you don’t like it, believe it’s real, or understand it…then keep my name out of your mouth.

Solange Knowles via Refinery29.  This should be the mantra of everyone everywhere.  All the time. 


Can we talk about the studded oxfords?  Because I really want to talk about the studded oxfords.  I hope I have the presence of mind and fortitude of thumbs to DIY, because lord knows I don’t have Loub’ pockets.