Portland Bound
what I’ll be living in over the next couple of months

Lots of things are in flux, but there’s always time for Pinterest and Polyvore. They’re almost as soothing as buying new things. Almost.

Newly added to the sea of neutrals are the Madewell ‘Ames’ boots, Rachel Comey rain boots, and sweaters from Everlane and Madewell.  There is also the Marni x H&M raincoat that I never knew I had to have until today. Apparently it rains a lot in Portland. And they have these seasons I’ve heard so much about.

This should be interesting.

Skin is In


Everlane in print, Glossier Phase 1 Set

I fell into the rabbit hole that is the Glossier Instagram feed and got swept up with the all of the hype surrounding it. After pleading with my bae to swing by the pop-up shop to try out (read: snag me) some of the stuff, I was able to get my hands on their Phase 1 Set. First impression: they win at packaging. Coordinating bubble wrap packages and STICKERS!!!!!

Yes, I’m still six.  Moving on.

I have to say, I’m glad it wasn’t completely all hype. As someone who is very…not into makeup…finding the right products to make me look like I got a full night’s sleep but don’t require extra tools for application has been difficult. Since this is a sharing place, here are my thoughts on each product in the Phase 1 set. Does it live up to the hype? I might think so if I had close to flawless skin, but I don’t. Not even a little bit. That said,  I like to use it and use most of it often.

soothing face mist: smells great and hydrates, but after the first week, it just sat in the cabinet. Right now, I’ll use it if my skin has dried out after using toner but before I put on moisturizer. Kinda meh, but it’s a nice pick me up after a long day.

priming moisturizer: amazing stuff. Super lightweight, buildable without being greasy, and you get that really soft, just primed feeling because…well, it’s primer…but not really…because it’s moisturizer. In terms of its moisturizing ability, it’s enough to get me through the day without feeling tight or ashy, and works really well with the tint. I’m between normal and oily, so this might not be enough for you if your skin is on the dry side.

perfecting skin tint (dark): this tint is definitely not built for any real coverage (*ahem* hyperpigmentation issues here), but it helps me look fresh-faced in seconds. It’s really light; undetectably so, so for me it’s a keeper. Again, I kind of hate makeup, so this sort of formula is great for daily use. I put about 12 drops all over my face and then blend.

balm dotcom: I LOVE this stuff. It’s better than my go-to lip balm for long term moisture and I use it on my cheeks to fake that fresh faced dewiness I see on younger people. It’s also great for random ashiness that creeps up during the day. This works much better than Vaseline in my opinion; it’s a lot thicker, it lasts longer and doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to reapply it right away because your lips are going to crack.

Once this stuff if all used up, I’d probably re-up on the last three products. If I were on a strict budget, I’d only replace the balm dotcom. My only gripe is that the moisturizer should had some sort of SPF in it, especially since I’m not that great about using one daily. Whoops.