2015 in Review

5 Stages of Grief by Nayyirah Waheed

The Five Stages of Grief by Nayyirah Waheed

2015 was an extremely trying and bittersweet year. There were some highs and plenty of lows. I found a new appreciation for lipstick and supporting small businesses.  My boy turned 4 and I saw a lot of nature things. Made new friends and built with old ones. I read a pile of books and placed a pen to journal pages with some regularity. There was a lot of crying and clothes shopping and abstaining from clothes shopping. I decided to make room for magic and yoga and weight-lifting and good food and bad decisions. I sucked at relationship mending but learned how to say no. I attempted to not be passive and failed many times. Sometimes I succeeded. I learned that I often don’t like hearing the truth as much as I enjoy telling it.

If I made resolutions, my single one for next year would be to make it look nothing like this one.

Happy New Year, everyone. Onward and upward.


Sweater Weather


EVERLANE donegal cashmere turtleneck and chunky knit crew

Everlane is great for providing more layers for me to gawk at as these temperatures hover around freezing.

I’m learning the importance necessity of wool and cashmere and beanies and gloves and jackets that aren’t supposed to only look good. Who knew!?  Also, I’m learning that the cost for these things is astronomical unless it’s ebay. Anyone want to put something on a sweater for me? Can we all go in on one and mail it around? How do we make this happen?

Hello, November

EVERLANE sweater and blouse, CÉLINE belt, RAG & BONE jeans

October was kind of a terrible month (except for the couple of pretty things I bought to cope with life, but now my budget* is yelling at me, so that’s a wash). In the spirit of having November be better, I wrote a short list of things to do to save my sanity:

  • Actually exercise. This instead of watching other people exercise on TV and in Pinterest workouts.
  • Practice self care. No, really. Stop talking about it and do it. Make a list of things to do and do them.
  • Control what’s incoming. Log off the internet, turn off the ambient TV, start tackling the “to read” pile and listening to these podcasts that are actually interesting and helpful and uplifting. I recently started listening to The Friend Zone and I’m hooked.
  • Appreciate what is here. Stop thinking in the wrong direction (thanks Fran), worrying about the past and future, and really take in the moment and world around you right now; make an effort to deal with what it is instead of what it isn’t or what  you wish it were.



*I evangelize about the greatness that is You Need A Budget. There’s a 34 day free trial and a $6 discount if you purchase it using the links here. Prosper.