The Leather Sneaker

I have to admit that there are quite few brands with ethics I applaud and products I’d probably never buy. Silhouettes are important to me and I find that quite a few responsible brands don’t make ones that I particularly like.

Nisolo is one of those brands. I learned of it through Andrea and watched its popularity grow among the conscious consumerism set. While I am all for the mission of paying partner suppliers above and beyond fair trade wages and responsible production methods, I could not find anything that suited my tastes until recently.

With the launch of the Elayna sneaker, I now have something I can hope to own; and they don’t look so precious that I can’t actually wear them…unlike a certain pair of loafers that are still sitting pretty in their packaging. Vachetta leather ages beautifully over time and it’s a great, atypical option for a sneaker. Right up my alley.

I’m only plotting on them for now, but  I’d be remiss to not mention that Nisolo gives us both $25 off when you use this link. Each one, reach one.


The Rain Coat

Stutterheim Stockholm Long

It would take two years, three months, and four days before I finally accepted that I live in Portland. On that day, I bought a proper rain coat. Because I am who I am (as in, I pretend to not be trendy, but am completely trendy when it comes to utilitarian things that look sexy), I got a Stutterheim. They’re popular here and with good reason; it’s June 15 and this photo was taken today…

If you’re in the market for a fancy, utilitarian rain coat that looks sexy, and are also like me and don’t want to pay full price for it, I recommend Stutterheim’s sample sale section. I’m wearing an XS. It’s unlined, but keeps you plenty warm when it’s nasty out.


A short list of things that have happened in the last few weeks

I sewed through my finger while darning a pair of jeans. The needle broke off and I had to get it surgically removed.

Hoggie bought a 3-D puzzle on Amazon without permission. When asked why, he said, “because I wanted you to be inspired.”

A group of folks within the agency I work for launched On She Goes – a site aimed at supporting women of color as they travel.

Weightlifting became my preferred method of exercising, displacing yoga which is solidly in the second seed.

Challah French Toast.

I finally found a pair of high-waist, straight leg jeans that don’t give me pancake ass. The waist needs to be taken in, but everything else about them is perfect. I’ve given up on 100% cotton jeans completely and I regret nothing.

I got myself a pied-à-terre. It’s cute.

My skin care regimen shifted to washing with water only and my face has never looked calmer or clearer.

Plants became my new thing.


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Nayyirah Waheed | the only boots that matter | Kendrick.

Growth and change are difficult and necessary. Sometimes, wisdom is the reward; sometimes, bitterness is the by-product.