P333: Week 5


Still going. I have notes:

- I will have more than just white tops next go ’round. This is ridiculous.

- the palazzo pants have been hemmed and I now will have a not-jeans thing to wear; times are a-changing

- variety is clutch; I have so many repeating items (black skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, white tees), it’s silly

- wanted to restate that I now have non-denim pants that I can wear

- I was reminded that Polyvore exists and now have yet another place to obsess over focus my attention on fall

- I found THAT Helmut Lang blazer for 50% off and didn’t buy it. BE PROUD OF ME.



Project 333 | Fall Planning


LNA Atlas sweater | Helmut Lang Smoking Wool Tux blazer | Madewell Serge oxfords | Jenni Kayne brogues

My head is well-buried into next “season” and am predicting that the above will be the MVPs of Project 333 – Fall edition. I probably shouldn’t be so focused on things I want to get for a time that isn’t here, but this is me we’re talking about. Old dog, new tricks, yadda yadda yadda. On the upswing I have half of these items already (sort of…although I still want the original for some reason), so there’s that. Progress?

I also added a succulent because that seems to be a thing that bloggers do now (#RELEVANCE). The spiral represents my shopping binge and purging cycles.

P333: Week 4


After last week’s Kill City jeans triple play (wait, what?), I remembered I had other things I could put on my lower half. I also took some pants that were too long to be hemmed. I feel so grown up…and lazy because my sewing machine is somewhere languishing in the garage…but that’s not the point. The point is more options. Options!

In other news, hair + Wiggle are bothersome and I’m ready to cut off all my hair again. My fickle, fickle heart.


TMSSL, Part 4


Zara top, Diesel jeans, Jenni Kayne brogues

Terrible mirror selfies of summer looks, part 4.

I wore this to The Reaping of the Edges (otherwise known as the On the Run Tour). I have a near-zealous detestation of overdressing for concerts, so I went in my usual combo of thot and tomboy. It was both hot and raining on Saturday night, so this outfit was perfect.

In my humble, completely non-biased, and non-stan opinion, OTR was one o fthe most amazing live shows I have ever seen. Bey is queen and Jay has finally mastered not being horribly stiff while on stage. It was everything. EVERYTHING, I SAY.

(clearly, I am completely biased)

((don’t judge))