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Studio inspiration

The fully optimized life. Because someone out there is living well enough to coach all of us.

A case for abandoning skin care products. I’ve been moving in this direction slowly and I have to agree with her 100% (except for the part about coconut oil on the face).

Treating yourself is not the answer. I have this tab permanently open on my browser now.

Interview with a trend forecaster. I thought this was cool.  The comment section has some interesting fodder as well.

Thanks to Andrea for introducing me to the Cora ball – a washing machine ball that traps microfibers and keeps them from entering the waterways.  There are a couple of days left to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign.

Ariana’s Zero Waste Wardrobe posts always make me happy.

The Black Loafers

GUCCI Brixton loafers

You know…I am keenly aware of my faults and failings when it comes to shopping. There are some times when I abandon reason and responsibility, throw my best-laid plans by the wayside, and heed a call.

I was reading a post of Lin’s last week featuring a passage from The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant discussing the emotional nature of fashion. Comparing dress to dessert, she writes, “we do not choose to eat, say, a chocolate eclair, with the aim of fulfilling our daily calorie quota. We fall victim to a cake because it is delicious.”

Indeed we do. Eclairs. Shoes. Delicious.

Saturday, I stopped by the Glossier pop-up in Pioneer Square (if anyone was wondering, yes…I am a legitimate fan of the brand). After playing in makeup, I wandered into Nordstrom to pass time and immediately fell for these loafers. Hard. I cared not for the current state of Gucci’s overexposure in the marketplace. I cared not for the furrier, printed, embellished, glittery, and colorful iterations that surrounded them. I saw a simple, black, beautiful, and beautifully made pair of shoes, and, after a couple hours’ consideration, I took them home with me.

This is starting to sound like one of those songs where a guy falls in love with a stripper and vows to take her away from it all so she can live a better life. It sort of feels like that, too, but I’m fine with it. The heart wants what it wants.

Also, it is not lost on me that shopping to pass time is a TERRIBLE idea.

It is difficult to write about the emotions that accompany splurging on something, especially when it punctuates a depressive episode (another story for another time). Some things just feel familiar and familial. It isn’t the thrill that comes from chasing the new; I think we are aware enough to know that these sorts of highs never last. I mean the feelings that surface when I pick up something and really connect with it. It’s similar to when I meet certain people and *know* that we’re going to be friends even when I don’t know much about them. From what I’ve gleaned, Grant takes on this topic well in her book. I’ve currently got it on hold at the library and am keen to read it.

All that said and emotions considered, I won’t wax too poetic over a pair of shoes. They aren’t solving any of my problems and won’t bring any lasting happiness. I’m sure seeing them so often online played no small factor in my sudden infatuation, and part of me wonders if I’ve fallen victim to trendiness (maybe I have, but Nordstrom’s liberal return policy makes that mistake easy to correct). For now, I think that these are a solid choice – black, flat, comfortable, and easy to wear. At best, I’ll wear them for the next several years. At worst, they go back to the store and I put my money to different, possibly better use.

Either way, I’m left to suss out why I did a complete 180 degree turn from being content with my Jenni Kayne flats, which I love, to wanting these enough to buy them. Pretty sure it has to do with the depressive episode I alluded to earlier. Maybe I should tell that story sooner rather than later.



Stuff to Read on the Internet

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a look at some articles from around the web. No theme here; I just found everything fascinating.

I happened upon a couple of pieces about monasteries in Asia. This article in the NYT is about one in South Korea that houses one of the best chefs in the world.

Three signs you will be fine even if nothing around you is.

Stop pretending and start living.  Because moving through your life grimacing through everything is a great way to waste it.

4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump. Politics aside, this was a REALLY interesting article. If you’re only vaguely familiar with 4chan, I highly recommend this one.

Against Empathy. I love a good counterpoint to what seems to be a rallying point for the masses. I’ve  questioned the efficacy of everyone being empathetic (I’m am empath myself and I find it debilitating sometimes).

Getting older doesn’t suck.

 Vernal Equinox Looks


Spring is finally here.  Yay.

The jury on weather is out until June/July – today was a mix of intermittent sunshine and rain; so it will be for the next few months. Accordingly, my seasonal closet turnover felt more like putting four things away and pulling out everything else. Equinoxes are usually times when anything goes, anyway.

What I love most about pulling things out of storage is the moment I am reunited with an old friend. This time around, it was these Earnest Sewn jeans. They were the first jeans I ever bought in a boutique that offered on-site hemming (fancy!). A couple years after the crop, I had them tapered from their original straight shape. They’ve been on ice for nearly two years and I’m thrilled to have them back in rotation. The cut and fit are perfect in my eyes. I can’t imagine why I set them aside for so long.






Make do and mend

Chronicling the various patches, weak spots, and blowouts on my most worn pairs of jeans. They vary between one and four years old. Two bought new, two secondhand.

altered waist · patched pre-existing holes in the knees

fixed ripped belt loop

crotch repairs

more crotch repairs

Things I’ve learned over the last few years wearing these in heavy rotation:

Jeans are better bought new since they will be worn a lot.

Stretch high-waist jeans need to be pulled up way too often; mid-rise is best.

Tailoring jeans to fit is well worth the expense.

Never take shortcuts when repairing jeans. Matching thread and a sturdy patch make all the difference. Use a similar weight and fabric blend and overlock the edges first.

Never put stretch denim in the dryer.