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GUCCI Queercore Brogue Pumps

Ridiculous times call for opposing and equally ridiculous shoes.

That I meant two different things by the same word in the above sentence is a sign of the times. Nothing seems real anymore.

It’s snowing like crazy in Portland and I can remember where I was a this time three years ago. I could not have imagined that my life and the world would be where they are right now. I’m trying my best to just observe it all, not judge it as good or bad; but that leaves me wondering if I am being too passive when action is required.

To protect my own sanity, I’m not actively engaging with anything too steeped in the worlds of politics or popular entertainment. Twitter is about as much as I can take and I can’t stand that for too long.  That said, I completely agree with Viola Davis in this clip of her at the Golden Globes. I didn’t see any of the awards show or any more of what she said. I saw photos of Tracee Ellis Ross and Naomi Campbell on the red carpet and decided that nothing else could top that. I was wrong, because it was Keith Stanfield dancing as the cast of Atlanta walked to the stage to accept their Golden Globe. Rightfully so; it’s a really outstanding show.


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Continuing with my fondness for chunky knits and mixing them with miniskirts and culottes. Fresh faces and full afros. Pops of red. Slip dresses over turtlenecks. Black boots.



Learn from this…

Today, I was reminded of why I vowed to never shop at H&M.

THE ROW blazer / H&M shirt

If any of you have been reading this blog for a while (and I  mean a long one…), you’ll remember that I used to occasionally tell a long-winded, sometimes comical, story usually involving me doing some shit that I know good and well I shouldn’t but did anyway. This is absolutely one of those stories. I also wrote this last Tuesday, so there’s that. 

It all started with the binge of November. There was trickle-over into December because it’s Christmas and I’m one of those people who can’t seem to just shop for other people. One evening, while scrolling through Pinterest as I am wont to do (PROBLEM #1), I came across a photo. That photo led me to Lissy Roddy’s Instagram account. I’d spent about two minutes there when I saw this shirt. This shirt beautifully layered under a camisole (similar to the one I own) and under a slip dress (similar to the one I think I should own because it would be adorable, and don’t own because it would also be completely impractical). Since trumpet sleeves are a thing apparently (and I should have known this because they show up frequently on Pinterest…AGAIN, PROBLEM #1), something in my brain decided that this shirt was something that I had to have.