blue jeans | white shirt


Zara shirt, LF jeans, Everlane sandals

Look, ma! New hair!

Wiggle is back for the 99 and the 2000 since I’m on a protective style challenge of sorts until winter. Yes, it’s name is Wiggle.

In other news, today I found a blog that makes me wish I posted outfits more consistently. Well, we can all dream. Ok, I can dream. Check out Un-Fancy for more I have a ~35 piece capsule wardrobe I’ll be wearing for three months action.

P33(1): Week 1


 outfit tracking in the Stylebook app

I should have started this way sooner.

Getting dressed faster was one of the expected bonuses, but having a limited number of clothing to choose from is forcing me to wear items I would have otherwise passed on in favor of a white t-shirt or my standby pair of jeans. THAT, my friends, is a win; a win for those pieces that have been riding the bench for way too long.

On the downside, I was a bit ambitious with my selection for the project. After a week of consideration, I will be swapping one of the Zara shirts I recently bought for an(other), soon-to-be-released Everlane Langley tank top. I knew that open back shirt was a bad move…especially since I can’t wear it to work…or on the weekend…or anywhere else…without feeling incredibly overexposed. Nippies can only do so much, man.

In the spirit of keeping things nice and minimized (and that whole one in, one out thing), the shirt that isn’t working will be sent to my partner in clothes trading. I’ve also been collecting a bunch of other things to sell/donate/get out of my house one way or other. None of this will be surprising to anyone who’s been around here long enough since I purge and binge with the regularity of Old Faithful, but I’m interested to see how long this purge cycle lasts.

If any of you are on the fence about starting Project 333, just do it meng. Modify it to suit your preferences if you need to, but it’s definitely worth trying.


Project 33(1)

So I decided to do it. It’s modified, but I’m still doing it.

While I was putting together this ‘edit’ to kick off my version of Project 333, I was reminded of Dead Fleurette’s closet posts back when her blog was active. As a nod to one of my main reminders of how I need to do better, I present my inaugural 33 item collection for the month of July.

(we’ll reassess if I can carry this on for three full months when this one is over)




not Helmut Lang blazer
Luella leather jacket
Everlane short sleeve raglan sweatshirt

Shirts & Blouses
H&M draped top
Zara tank top
Zara open back top
Everlane white poplin
Everlane navy poplin
Everlane silk shirt
Everlane tank top
Theyskens Theory tank top

TMD white t-shirt
TMD white t-shirt
Everlane white t-shirt

Zara palazzo pants

Old Navy blue skinny jeans
Kill City skinny jeans
Earnest Sewn skinny jeans
LF boyfriend jeans
Diesel boyfriend jeans

cutoff denim shorts
khaki shorts
Alexander Wang shorts

Rag & Bone Harrow boots
Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Jenni Kayne brogues
Vince Addie sandals
Everlane sandals
red Chuck Taylors

Coach belt
gold stacking rings
Lady Grey necklace
silver hoop earrings















If nothing else, this exercise has taught me that I should own Everlane stock. And that I have too much shit. All of this sits on one of my three available closet rods and the left-behinds are making me a little sad. Maybe I should have been doing this instead of the monthly roundup all along…


What’s even sadder is that choosing 33 items wasn’t difficult because I wear the bulk of this stuff all the time anyway. Still wondering why I have so much to begin with since most of it isn’t being used. This should be interesting.


summertime fine


Behold my seasonal makeup lineup. Since it’s so hot and since I’m so lazy, I like things nice and minimized. Praise Target for carrying all of my mains in one place.

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes – for when I’m feeling fancy or have extra time for liner. I don’t think they officially sell this anymore (so sad), but you can still find it on eBay.

NYX Doll Eyes volume mascara – my absolute favorite since I don’t have the patience for fake lashes. It’s the next best thing.

Iman BB cream (in Clay Medium) – the best for brown girl color matching

NYX Liquid Illuminator – for highlighting instead of blush

Put it all together and you get this:


Full disclosure: I do have on a bit of blush and white liner because I went out and was feeling hella fancy. I am also wearing concealer. My skin has gone crazy since summer started. Check the lashes #doe.