Knowing the path vs. walking the path has been difficult for me. I realize now that this is because I’m not very good at being decisive. I read an interesting article on the importance of acknowledging trade-offs (trades-off?) in life and how that can force you into making actual decisions and maybe into some peace of mind. This dovetailed nicely with another video I watched earlier about budgeting and how deciding what you want really guides your focus and steps toward goal accomplishment (this is what I do with my free time, yes).




“Jesus be a closet full of grails and good foundations”

I was talking with D this week about the progress we’ve made (and haven’t made) in curbing our enthusiasm for buying clothes. Lately, it seems we aren’t binge shopping (as was the style between 2009 and 2011) and instead are thoughtfully considering what to add before adding anything.

At first I was excited that we’d finally reached a higher plane of understanding and fiscal responsibility, but then quickly realized it’s because we’ve managed to find and buy most of the things we’ve been pining for for years. And I guess that’s what should happen after searching and failing and searching and buying sub-par versions of things and selling them and finally (FINALLY) finding what you’ve been looking for on eBay one night after crying about your latest bad date or horrible workday and you’ve had just enough wine so you think maybe your eyes are deceiving you, but no, they aren’t and that really IS that pair of Rick Owens thigh high boots/THEE Céline Bam-Bams/that Helmut Lang blazer/insert whatever it is you’ve been looking for since it showed up on (your former fave’s) blog back in 2010…

I mean, yes, once you’ve managed to do that for all your grails, what’s left is to make sure the rest of your stuff is nice and fits well and works with your grails; and that’s how it should be. This is how you know you’ve arrived at closet nirvana and can now move on to dealing with the real issues in your life that you’ve been avoiding by shopping. YAY!

…but that doesn’t actually happen because then you realize that the bath and beauty product world is also a THING and you have a whole new world to explore. In case you were curious, Glossier, Belle Butters and BeeLux reign supreme in my bathroom.  The Lip Bar also makes really nice lipsticks.



I made pants

One night, I was making a mental list of things that make me happy. Saturday was my day to indulge myself in two of them – making things and completing niggling tasks.

Back at the end of November, I had a firm fixation on making a pair of high-waist flares.  Part of it was because I never really got over the FW 2010 Miu Miu bell bottoms, and part of it was because I didn’t trust the selection I saw online. Armed with intentions, I bought a pattern and four yards of a four way stretch ponte. Naturally, when I got the package in the mail, I put it in the closet and didn’t touch it for months.

Friday night, while revisiting that list of things that make me happy, I decided it was time to tackle the project.  After roughly 16 hours, a YouTube tutorial, and muddling my way through alterations and their implications, I finished.  I was completely out of my element, but it felt awesome to create a wearable thing with these hands.

Next time, I’ll adjust the pattern beforehand…having to completely rework the fit of a pair of pants solo is NOT. FUN.

Small acts of self care

Belle Butters, oils, and Glossier

These are a few of my favorite thingssssss
Top shelf: GLOSSIER Phase 1 + Boy Brow (still stanning for this, idc idc), MARIO BADESCU buffering lotion
Bottom shelf: raw honey + turmeric mask, BELLE BUTTERS Tanning Butter, Aesop hydrating serum, BB Mango Butter, BB oil cleanser, almond oil

If you don’t already, take a shower before you go to bed. Twenty minutes before getting in that shower, put a mask on your face.  Let it sit. Rinse it off. Apply a serum or oil or something nourishing to your face. Floss. Brush your teeth. Hop in the shower. Turn up the water a little hotter than normal and take a deep breath. Wash yourself intently. Exfoliate. Use that spin brush or a Salux or rub really hard with a face flannel. Take a pumice stone to your feet. Take longer than normal to rinse off the soap. Get out of the shower and pat yourself dry with a towel. Grab your coconut oil and/or almond oil and or Belle Butters. Moisturize the house down, even those places you routinely neglect or forget because you have no time.  It’s all skin and it likes attention. Take your time. Don’t forget your feet. Or nail beds. Moisturize your face. Massage it a bit. Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you” to the person you see back. Get ready for bed (put on the cute pajamas if you have them). Slide under the covers. Go to sleep feeling like a god/dess.  Wake up feeling softer than baby cheeks.


And no, this post was not sponsored by Belle Butters. I genuinely love the products that much. They work and last forever.