Getting ready for Decorative Gourd Season (with many links)

I was supposed to post this months ago. Oops.

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Summer is ending and I’m sad. The PNW climate with its months of overcast grey sky and rain does bad things to my emotional well-being.

Thankfully, clothes seem to ‘come alive’ in fall and I am looking forward to that. Despite the impending crap weather, I’m starting to love pulling things out of storage and figuring out how I’m going to dress DOWN for the new season. I mean, I still long for the days when I didn’t have to, but…here we are.   (   .___.)

Anyway yes! Fall! Clothes! Pinterest! Fashion week(s)! Making fall wish lists! HOORAY! Why? Because everyone else does it and it’s fun!

I’m going to be more practical in my preparations this year because I want to do better at taking care of what I own. I’ve been reading How To Get Dressed and it’s reaffirmed the importance of doing that. So, instead of putting up pictures of all the pretty things I want to trade hours of my life for, here’s my loose plan over the next couple of months:

// Get cedar shoe trees

Why? Because although I love black ankle boots and brogues, I don’t want to have to keep buying them in 3 year intervals. Cedar shoe trees keep creasing down, absorb moisture, and extend a leather shoe’s life significantly. Or so I’ve read.

// Clean and waterproof all leather goods

This stuff either was expensive or will be if I need to replace it.  Besides, it rains a lot in Portland and I’d rather not ruin my good clothes.

// Prep the woolens

Meaning clean them with Eucalan and take a sweater shaver to them to remove the pills. No one likes a pilly sweater.

// Reassess the closet contents

Ahhh yes, the fun part. Pull out everything,  judge it harshly. Maybe put together another Project 333 to keep me honest over the next few months. Sell what I don’t use or can’t make work and consider if I need to add anything else.

// Mend and tailor anything that needs mending or tailoring

Because it’s the responsible thing to do.

// Make a list of potential things to add

More fun. This year, it’s a pair of Everlane oxfords (is anyone surprised? No? Me neither), some high waist cropped skinny blue jeans with frayed ankles (specificity is necessary!), a black, slim fit turtleneck and/or this ribbed t-shirt bodysuit from American Apparel (I tried it on one day and was impressed at how insanely soft it is). Do people wear these things with underwear? Serious question. I feel like you have to because of the snaps. No? Someone tell me.

Since I’m posting this late, I think it’s fair to say I’ve done most of this. I haven’t committed to getting shoe trees because I’ve been making do with the tissue paper that the shoes came with. Also, I haven’t bought anything. QUELLE SURPRISE!

YAY Adulthood!


ETA: I bought a blazer…it seemed like the right decision at the time.  Meh.

Fashion Drug Mule Attempting to Look Inconspicuous

27-1 5-1

Balenciaga Resort ’17

I didn’t really get the whole normcore thing and dad hats are more function than form for yours truly, but this? This speaks to me. The extremely pared back makeup, the “f it, just grab the damn hat if you can’t find sunscreen and no one cares if you’re matching anyway” vibe, bags that could be holding bowling balls, cocaine bricks or body parts, the not extremely precious even though you know they cost the thousands of doll-hairs garments; I’m here for ALL of it.


These are a few of my favorite things



HELMUT LANG blazer / BLACK CRANE dress / EARNEST SEWN jeans / CÉLINE shoes

Overdoing it last Friday because the weather is still semi-cooperating. Nothing new to see here clothing-wise, but I don’t think you come here for the latest and greatest and newness in the fashion. Bless you all, because I just can’t do it.

Unrelated, this is a great article on race and otherness: “It’s Not About Race” by John Metta.



The New Rules

photo of Jayne by Nabile Quenum

Since my spurrit is leading me to focus more on financial matters, I’m sharing my new guidelines for buying clothes:

  1. Buy only what you absolutely love
  2. Buy only what you are willing to take proper care of (hand washing, mending, maintenance, repair, etc)
  3. Buy only what you know you will wear at least 30 times
  4. Buy only with your own money (not Visa’s, not Master Card’s, not AmEx’s…)
  5. Ask yourself “what could I do with the money if I didn’t spend it?”

Why new guidelines? Because saving money has become more important than buying clothes. They’re fun to look at, try on, and play with, but ultimately, they aren’t improving my life in any tangible way.

I’m starting to wonder why I thought they ever would.

After reading this article and starting the book The More of Less, I’m curious as to why having all these clothes became so important in the first place. When did it become worth all of the pollution, destruction, exploitation, and death to look good for people that I don’t know?

It seems like the trend is to consider the question of worth in regard to makeup, but I feel like it should be extended to fashion, tech gadgets that need to be upgraded every year, and every other consumer good we’ve been made to feel we need to buy in order to be…what exactly? A modern person? Up on the latest? Living our best lives?

Are we really?

I’m convinced that we aren’t. I’m not sure we know what we actually want out of our lives and how all of this stuff fits in. I know I don’t. What’s certain is that we are making a few people incredibly rich and those incredibly rich few people aren’t doing a whole lot with that wealth to better the lives of the people on the lowest rungs of the supply chain. Meanwhile, we all continue to work jobs to pay bills that ensure this stuff is housed and cared for or paid for (with interest!) after we’ve already gotten bored with it.

What could that money be doing instead of sitting unused in the closet, boxed up for Goodwill, paying back creditors, or at the bottom of some junk drawer? I wonder.