Project 333 | Fall Edit

It took a couple of months and a fair amount of tweaking, but I’m pleased to present my capsule wardrobe for this fall. I’m even more pleased that out of 33 items, only 4 are new purchases (marked with ‘*’).

*studio audience cheering*

If I’ve learned anything over the last three months, it’s that variety is important. So, yes! Fall! More colors! Fewer white t-shirts! Sweaters! A pattern! So much action going on, I can barely contain myself.




Fall 2014 Shoes


I enjoyed pulling the bulk these out of hibernation. Bringing out ‘new’ clothes that have been hidden away for months is a great little mind game to play; makes you feel like you’ve gone shopping.

What? I’m late?


Soooooooo, is anyone joining in this season? There’s still a couple of days to get everything together, so get on board!


The Sleeveless Silk Shirt


sleeveless silk blouse c/o Everlane

Another preview of what will be happening this fall.

The folks at Everlane were kind enough to let me pick something out of their Harvestland collection to add to my own.  I chose the sleeveless silk blouse in red clay because I wanted something that wasn’t neutral, but would play well with others. The color is deeper than I expected (it reads more pink on the site), but I love it even more because of that…mostly because pink terrifies me.

Now, if they would just release those loafers already!!!

TMSSL, Part 5


Everlane blouse, Zara pants, Lady Grey necklace

Terrible mirror selfies of summer looks, part 5. What an unintentionally fun and terrible and short series this was.

This was the black tie look mentioned in the last post complete with makeup that I learned to apply watching season after season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Project 333 | Bending the Rules


Jean Michel Cazabat ‘Emma’ pumps

Earlier this month, I was invited to a black tie event. The first thought was “EXCIIIIIITING!” but soon after came  ”WTF am I going to wear to this thing?!?!” My summer capsule wardrobe doesn’t really scream formal, so I started searching the web to sort out my options.

Buying a one-time only gown wasn’t appealing and renting the runway wasn’t either.  Actually, spending money in general wasn’t appealing. This  project has really dampened my desire to buy things without good cause and a full cost benefit analysis.

Sooooooo, after a quick survey of potential costs (and seeing few benefits), I decided to make it work with what I had on hand. MAKE DO AND MEND, PEOPLE!

Both dresses I own are geared toward cocktail hour, so separates were going to happen. The palazzo pants I was once iffy on were the obvious choice. A random article on the internet confirmed that they could potentially pass as black tie, and they were in the current capsule – GOLDEN.

I then tried to recall examples of pants on the red carpet and remembered a photo of Clemence Poesy I once saw  on Les Anti-Modernes. Silk blouse. Also in capsule. Done.

Needed something sparkly. The Lady Grey necklace was also in the capsule. Winning so far.


not Chanel jacket; last worn here

With the bulk of the outfit figured out, I ‘borrowed’ a couple, more fancy pieces that aren’t in the capsule to finish it off: the perfect-for-all-occasions Cazabat pumps and a Chanel-like jacket that I got from a fruitful thrift shopping weekend back in 2009. As much as I love to purge, I just can’t get rid of some things; thank goodness I didn’t because that jacket made all the difference.

So yes, I cheated with 10 days left in the Project 333 season. I’m all about full disclosure of the mundane and inconsequential.




Rossmore ring

After a spending a couple of years with catbird-esque hands full of silver and golden threads, I’ve become more and more partial to singular, standout jewelry. Feeling the winds of change (or just trend over-saturation), I’ve returned to an old favorite to replace my usual necklace and stacking rings. It’s nice to switch things up and I’m really feeling simplicity these days.

This ring is an early issue from Rossmore that I bought when I first learned of the line four years ago. I like the impact it has when worn with little competition. If I hadn’t promised my grandmother to never take off my bangle, I’d wear it with nothing else.

And I mean no other jewelry. I’d totally still be wearing clothes.