Project 333 | Winter Planning


It’s November, so that means I’m scoping out a couple of things for the next season of Project 333. And since winter is in quotes for this part of the world, I think the above is perfect for it; chunky, but allowing for maximum airflow in case it suddenly shoots up to 90 degrees.

Everlane. Obviously.



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thrifted shirt

Continued adventures in strange ways to cuff clothing.

This shirt is one of the very few survivors from my super thrift days. I got it at a Hoodwill circa 2010 and, despite it being a tad too big and curling in odd places, I absolutely love it.

It has proven to be very versatile this season. So far it’s been an over-shirt, a skirt, and now a faux raglan sleeved button down. One day I may wear it the way it was intended, but that seems so…not as exciting.



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Earnest Sewn jeans, Isabel Marant boots

I’ve worn these jeans more in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. They had always been too long and seemed too precious to wear with any frequency.

Before the fall season of P333 began, I hemmed (read: cut) them to a more appropriate length; just below the ankle so they could still be cuffed the way I like my jeans to be. I dig the jagged edges, so I did this to keep them on display.

On Ignoring Practicality


Helmut Lang blazer, J Brand camisole, Earnest Sewn jeans

When thinking about building my second capsule wardrobe for a quarter of the year, I took both form and function into consideration. If I was going to add a piece, I wanted it to have something visually interesting about it, especially if it was basic. I also wanted it to layer in a cool way.

I had reservations when considering this camisole; it was expensive as hell, I don’t usually ever wear them, and the back and sides are sheer. “IMPRACTICAL!” is the word I kept hearing the lonely voice that tries to keep me in line shout.

Despite all of the obvious reasons to pass, I kept coming back to the neckline – that bordering on too deep, but just deep enough V. A quest ending V. Sure, I wasn’t looking for it, but when I saw it, I had to have it. I looked for comparable camisoles, but nothing was quite right. I tried to find a pattern, and remembered that my sewing machine is buried somewhere and then I’d have to find fabric, and what if I never get around to it, waaaaaaah.

In situations like this, the decision to buy usually comes down to whether or not I can find a coupon code. It took about 2 minutes to find one that worked and after a few days of consideration, I bought it.

A little over two weeks into the season and I’ve worn this twice (this is a very good sign). As expected, it layers nicely with my blazers (helloooooo work appropriate!) and the V is still my favorite thing. Added bonuses? French seams, french darts, works over these, it doesn’t wrinkle and is machine washable.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


A Common Thread



After 6 years of blogging, trying on every conceivable style, realizing that I’d become attached to buying for the sake of buying, and finally experimenting with having a strict limit on the number of things I can wear, I finally feel like I’ve settled into myself and my style. I feel weird talking about this because it’s (really) not that serious, but it feels nice when how you feel and what you wear are aligned.

Last week, I picked out a pair of glasses at my optometrist’s office. I was immediately taken with some black and clear, slight cat-eye situations when I realized they were very similar to the pair I wear 98% of the time. A few years ago, I would have immediately put them down in favor of something that I wouldn’t normally wear for variety’s sake. This time, I was excited – I felt confident enough to push past my psychological urge to experiment and get what I knew I would love. They have a distinct vibe, but the similarity keeps them looking and feeling very me.

I often joke that all of my things look like other things I have (I had a similar moment with a few pairs of shoes not too long ago). While some would call this a boring approach to personal style, I like to think of it as the consistency that comes when you’ve finally figured out who you are and what you want that person to look like. It’s that moment when you can throw on anything you have and walk out feeling completely comfortable no matter where you’re going. It’s its own special subsection of flow that makes you walk a little taller and with a little more swagger in each step.