*facepalm emjoi*

ACNE jeans (NEVER AGAIN) / CÉLINE sandals

Captain’s Log:

No sooner than one day after my post half-celebrating my abstention from shopping did I realize that my light wash skinny jeans had completely bagged out.

To be fair, I haven’t been wearing these as much because of the Citizens jeans I keep mentioning, so I hadn’t noticed how badly they’d stretched out until today.

And it was bad. I was able to pull nearly 6″ of fabric away from my thigh while sitting without even stretching the jeans. Had I lost weight? No. No I had not. I’d deviated from my standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material and was reminded why I should never deviate from my standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material.

Because I’m both reactionary and mission-focused, I “bought” a replacement pair while technically staying the course. I happened to have amassed a credit at Everlane that I’d been sitting on for months and Everlane recently released its $68 denim collection. Coincidence? Absolutely. So while I await the arrival of my replacement high waist leg casings, I can rest knowing I still haven’t spent any actual money and am fully in line with the parameters set when I announced this challenge. Fight me if you don’t agree.

Or not. None of this is that serious.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how disappointed I am with Acne for these jeans. The other pairs I have from the brand are much older and still holding up well, but they are made of the aforementioned standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material. STILL though. I expect jeans that command higher retail prices to last longer than jeans from Forever 21 and these remind me a lot of the jeans I used to get at Forever 21. You should see how these things look now, but pride won’t let me show you.

Here’s hoping Everlane denim is worth the hype. I’ll let you know how it goes.



MADEWELL duffle bag / CITIZENS of HUMANITY jeans / GUCCI loafers


Captain’s log:

Day 43 of the clothes shopping ban is over. I hesitate to feel like I’ve accomplished anything because I haven’t wanted to buy clothing. Shocking until I realize that I’ve merely supplanted clothing as the collective object of my desire with a weekender duffle bag, Fenty Beauty products, and…plants. Trying to keep this all in check is difficult; not impossible, but difficult. Difficult only because I’m having to reacquaint myself with my triggers. A partial list, in no specific order:

  • things on sale
  • things for which I have some sort of discount
  • things I’ve found below retail
  • shopping with friends
  • plants
  • shiny objects
  • boredom
  • stress
  • irritation
  • any emotion that isn’t generally positive

What’s helping me keep things in *check* is making an effort to budget for these new targets. Saving a little here and there before something captures my attention is keeping me on the mostly straight and sometimes narrow. One can only hope my impulse control strengthens over time.

I am due to go back to Sephora tomorrow to accompany another friend to check out the gifts that Rihanna has bestowed upon us. I live in hope that I will not leave with things I do not need.

Until next time,

I remain.


It feels like the world is ending. Do whatever makes you happy.

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