Project 333 | Fall update


LNA sweater, Nudie jeans (via Poshmark*)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that make me happy. (Un)Surprisingly, a closet full of pretty, enviable and expensive things was not on the list. I’ve come a long way, baby.

*toots own horn*

A perfectly edited closet is something that I’ve been chasing after for a long, long, long time now. Now that I’ve committed to this Project, that goal is closer than it ever has been. Old habits are dying out in favor of the charge to buy fewer, but better. Existing items are tailored to fit properly. Sub-par items are replaced or removed entirely. Thoughtful editing has separated the workhorses from the things just taking up space and I am much happier for it.

With that said, the first week of my second season of Project 333 is done. Project veterans say that the first season is very much a rough draft and that succeeding seasons are when it gets fun. I agree. I had a better handle on what would work this time around and that was reflected in the items I chose. That extra bit of variety is key to keeping it interesting and I’ve really enjoyed putting things together digitally and in real life so far.  If you’re into in the daily outfit sort of thing, my Instagram feed has been flooded with #33in33 posts. Catch me there and post a few of your own, ya’heard!




*if you sign up for Posh with code HVSQU, we both get $5 – Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.




Project 333 | Fall Edit

It took a couple of months and a fair amount of tweaking, but I’m pleased to present my capsule wardrobe for this fall. I’m even more pleased that out of 33 items, only 4 are new purchases (marked with ‘*’).

*studio audience cheering*

If I’ve learned anything over the last three months, it’s that variety is important. So, yes! Fall! More colors! Fewer white t-shirts! Sweaters! A pattern! So much action going on, I can barely contain myself.




Fall 2014 Shoes


I enjoyed pulling the bulk these out of hibernation. Bringing out ‘new’ clothes that have been hidden away for months is a great little mind game to play; makes you feel like you’ve gone shopping.

What? I’m late?


Soooooooo, is anyone joining in this season? There’s still a couple of days to get everything together, so get on board!


The Sleeveless Silk Shirt


sleeveless silk blouse c/o Everlane

Another preview of what will be happening this fall.

The folks at Everlane were kind enough to let me pick something out of their Harvestland collection to add to my own.  I chose the sleeveless silk blouse in red clay because I wanted something that wasn’t neutral, but would play well with others. The color is deeper than I expected (it reads more pink on the site), but I love it even more because of that…mostly because pink terrifies me.

Now, if they would just release those loafers already!!!

TMSSL, Part 5


Everlane blouse, Zara pants, Lady Grey necklace

Terrible mirror selfies of summer looks, part 5. What an unintentionally fun and terrible and short series this was.

This was the black tie look mentioned in the last post complete with makeup that I learned to apply watching season after season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.