While expecting your new little chubble, it’s easy to get too wrapped up in what s/he needs and forget about what you need. Doing that landed me square in the middle of Target with a screaming, week-old baby who wanted to be nursed with absolutely NO easy way to do so. I just stood there, crying inside because I was THAT woman in Target.  I ended up half naked in a bathroom stall in a bid to calm the boy down.

Lesson learned.

To keep one thing off of your plate, here is a list of items you may want to pick up or have on hand before your baby’s arrival home. Remember, the goal is to not get stuck in Target with a screaming, week-old baby.

2 – 3 nursing tanks
2 – 3 low v-neck t-shirts (who wears a bra or nursing tank at home? UGH)
breast pads*
a HUGE bottle of ibuprofen
long, loose shorts or thin pants (recurring hot and cold flashes)
a beanie/wrap/scarf/hat (laziness will ensue and you have errands to run)
a small tube of lanolin (if you’re breastfeeding – no one likes sore nipples)

Again, it’s a basic list, but life will be easier and you will be happier for having all of these.  Personally, I still use everything listed here (except for the beanies; the lanolin I now use for diapering purposes).

Also, if you’re ever stuck in Target with a screaming baby, go into the fitting rooms.  Do not go into the bathroom – it’s gross.

*I hate the idea of disposable breast pads, especially because THESE exist. They’re awesome. If you get a 3-pack (which comes with overnight pads), you’re set. No waste, and they really do feel like cashmere for your boobs.