Don’t read any books that offer parenting advice.  Or, if that seems a bit harsh, take all books that offer parenting advice with a grain of salt.

The key to guilt-free infant rearing is simple: go with your gut.  Do what feels right to you and politely tell anyone who tells you differently to “fuck off.”  Unless, of course, you’re causing harm…because that isn’t cool.

If your baby won’t breastfeed, give her formula.  If she won’t sleep without you next to her, bring her to the bed with you.  If it wretches your heart to hear him crying, go and pick him up.  If the opposites apply, by all means, do the opposite.  My father always used to say, “parenting is not an exact science.”  I’d like to add that no one really knows anything about this stuff – we are all trying to figure it out day by day.  There is no race to be run.  No prize to be claimed when they’re all grown up and out of our houses.

Damn what experts and authors say – what do your heart, head and gut say?  Listen to them.  Heed them.  And don’t let anyone make you feel less than for doing so.