Notes on a Post-It 002

When did life get so big?

I started doing yoga and it’s changed everything, but not really. “Nah-maste” is the motto, because really, I still can’t deal with most people.

“just…fuck THIS whatever THIS IS.” – This quote is from a while ago, but it totally applies to the month of September.

Everyone is broken. No one is out here unbroken. You just need to find someone’s shards that kinda fit with your shards and try to make a mosaic or some shit. Your ability to ignore things is the mortar that holds you together.

I just want everyone to get laid and be their best selves. I’m also reading Brain Maker and have decided that regular orgasms and kombucha are the keys to a full and healthy life.

Finding your grails and buying them is so satisfying. Will doing that make you happier? No.  But it is SO. SATISFYING. More on this later. #SATISFACTION

I cut my hair and dyed it purple. I think I’m having a third-to-mid life crisis. I’m cute doe.

Momboy Looks



I think I like this new “fall” season I’ve heard so much about. Clothes are a lot more fun now that it’s colder.

Assorted quotes without context…

Because my conversations with D are infinitely more entertaining than my clothing. You buy, you sell, you make, you purge. It’s boring.

Viva la snark. 


D: I don’t even fully understand Afropunk. Is it just negroid Coachella?

A: Black weirdness festival with musics, and probably jollof rice, and plantains, and Jamaican food carts…so yah; negroid Coachella with less camping.


D: If it’s all hipsters and hoes I feel like…no.  But of course I’ll support :(  blahhhh. If I see ONE fringe I’m on flight back home -_-

A: It’s Portland. That’s like asking to not see animals at a zoo. Portland and Austin are sister cities which means they are either the younger sisters of BK or like… close cousins that don’t have as much money but make up for it in chillness or weirdness or always bringing weed.


A: Unrequited love isn’t for anyone. This is why people buy puppies.


D: If you are at the bank withdrawing money you should have considerably fewer problems. Maybe that’s why it’s mostly men in here…Girlfriends home slitting wrists and crying to their single friends. Women are more fun as hoes, I swear.

A: Absolutely. Hoes ain’t got no worries except VD and maybe pregnancy.

D: All reversible tho

A: Very true.  Hoes got reversible worries.

Rants from the Past that are Still Somehow Relevant

“I hate Stan Smith Adidas. You’d think that the fashion set is completely unaware that there is more to sneakers and sneaker culture than Stan Smith Adidas and fucking Flyknit Free Runs. The saturation levels are ridiculous. Why does everyone have the same pairs of white Stan Smiths and black Free Runs? Does anyone know? When did it become cool to have the exact same shit as everyone else?”