Notes on a Post-It 003


Karly Loyce by Alasdair McLellan for i-D Magazine

Karly Loyce here perfectly illustrates my life’s essence at this particular moment in time. 

Fall is here and Portland decided that the sun was no longer welcome. In “celebration,” I completed my first seasonal turnover of clothes.  I have questions.  Mainly one question: HOW do people, who live in places with seasons, continuously shop for things when they have to switch them out every 3-6 months?  I have half a rack and two and a half drawers of wearable items and this turnover took me damn near the entire day.

I finally bought the Helmut Lang blazer that I’ve always wanted but could never find for a decent price. I found it for a decent price; a mad decent price, even. I’m still meditating on whether or not I’m a label whore (since I had a perfectly serviceable, albeit inferior, dupe), and I think I’m going to decide that I don’t really care either way. Narcissistic nihilism, man.

Yoga is amazing. I haven’t leveled up to naked yoga, but that’s because I don’t have my shit all the way together. Once I do? NAKED YOGA. Ok, probably not, but I need to aim for something.

I realized a while back that I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get as many pieces as possible and practical from Shopbop‘s Ultimate Closet from Pre-Spring of 2011. The key to affording designer clothing on a budget? Wait two to four years for everything – eBay will provide.

And while we’re here, I feel like I can safely say that capsule wardrobes are not the key to happiness. Nothing external is the key to happiness. But I’m sure we all knew that.



Notes on a Post-It 002

When did life get so big?

I started doing yoga and it’s changed everything, but not really. “Nah-maste” is the motto, because really, I still can’t deal with most people.

“just…fuck THIS whatever THIS IS.” – This quote is from a while ago, but it totally applies to the month of September.

Everyone is broken. No one is out here unbroken. You just need to find someone’s shards that kinda fit with your shards and try to make a mosaic or some shit. Your ability to ignore things is the mortar that holds you together.

I just want everyone to get laid and be their best selves. I’m also reading Brain Maker and have decided that regular orgasms and kombucha are the keys to a full and healthy life.

Finding your grails and buying them is so satisfying. Will doing that make you happier? No.  But it is SO. SATISFYING. More on this later. #SATISFACTION

I cut my hair and dyed it purple. I think I’m having a third-to-mid life crisis. I’m cute doe.

Momboy Looks



I think I like this new “fall” season I’ve heard so much about. Clothes are a lot more fun now that it’s colder.