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Camille back

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The impending summer and its oppressive heat will be here soon and I am all wrapped up in the idea of a white shirt. Not the white, collared button-down shirt that everyone insists we all MUST HAVE (I can’t stand that shirt; that is the least used shirt that I own; man, fuck that shirt); I’m talking about something of the non-cotton variety that makes you look like you tried. Sure you actually rolled out of bed 30 minutes late and are wearing the same jeans you wore the other day, but damn if this shirt doesn’t pull it all together.



La Garçonne Moderne

la garconne moderne 1 la garconne moderne 2 la garconne moderne 4 la garconne moderne 3

La Garçonne totally gets me. You can view the lookbook in its entirety here.

I sometimes wonder if maybe I like things a little too basic. Too plain. Then I remember that I’m not so much part of the school of thought that believes clothes should speak for a person. They give off an impression of who you (maybe) are and what you (might be) about, but they shouldn’t themselves be a narrative about you. It’s cloth. Hopefully functional, hopefully in line with your personal aesthetic, but just cloth.

You should be the one to tell your story, whether it be though your life, your work, or your words.

Rambling aside, I really enjoy looking at a couple of websites for inspiration. Both La Garçonne and Totokaelo have an understanding of proportion beyond the traditional silhouette and I love clicking through. Their styling is always just right.




Jeffrey Campbell Mulder

not Stella McCartney boots via Solestruck

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Here’s to a new year of thinking critically, making good decisions, and oh my god, why are these suddenly appealing?

I kid.

Sort of.


I’m hosting a giveaway for you lovely pee-po soon.  It’s gonna be a good onnnnnnnnnnne!


I Sing the Body Electric

me & Brian Keith Thompson

This is Brian, owner of Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing. Bask in his awesomeness.

I got my septum pierced. It’s a long, awful story in the beginning, but it ends with this awesome guy in his awesome shop putting this awesome rose gold ring through my face this past Friday. I am well pleased; it’s dainty and feminine without offending my tomboy sensibilities. In short, it’s fucking perfect.

If you’re in LA and want to get holes punched through your body, go here. You won’t regret it. The shop is immaculate, fully modern with vintage touches, and the coolest dude in the world who absolutely loves what he does will be the one working with you. Not only did he consult with me and take out a bad initial piercing (remember: long, awful story); he also helped me pick out the best jewelry and placement while making me feel completely at ease with him. I think I developed a full-blown crush within 3 minutes of talking with him – he’s that good.

So yes – Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing. Go there. Tell him I told you to go there when you go there. And then send me pictures of what you got done (unless it’s one of those “advanced genital projects”…I don’t really want to see that).