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Thanks to everyone who has joined in on this soon-to-be very involved discussion. Based on Terri’s comment on the last post, I’ve rounded  up a few of my favorite posts on a few of my favored blogs for your consideration. It’s a shame that the ones that I would most often like to read post very infrequently or have stopped posting altogether. BUT! the magic of modern technology, the internet, and cached pages (heh heh) keep them available.  I encourage anyone who is looking to simplify and/or appreciate simplicity to get into Dead Fleurette. For those wanting to get into the mental-mind functions behind shopping (among a host of other interesting topics), check out Empty Emptor. If you need motivation to enjoy what you have to the fullest, I’d suggest Dead Fleurette and Case of the Tiny Closet. For a ton of material on a thoughtful, minimalist approach to wardrobe building, check out Into-Mind (I’ve been stuck on this blog for the last few weeks – aside from the great content, it’s gorgeous and easy to navigate).

It’s always great hearing from you guys and I’m glad I’m not alone. If we do this accountabilibuddy thing right, we should be able to manage, amirite?

Oh, and if you have any interesting articles or blogs you’d like to share, please do so in the comment box.  Each one, reach one.


On anti-consumption:

Invest in your wardrobe, Dead Fleurette

The simplicity of imperfection, Assembled Hazardly

Human costs and benefits, Empty Emptor


On being selective:

The perfectionist, Dead Fleurette

Acknowledgement, Dead Fleurette

Style notice: The quest for quality, Dead Fleurette

On the matter of declining quality, Assembled Hazardly

Approximately right, Empty Emptor


On tempering the urge to purchase:

Style vs Clothing, Case of the Tiny Closet

The Mid-Year Wardrobe Assessment, Assembled Hazardly

Needing uniqueness, Empty Emptor

5 questions to ask yourself before buying a new wardrobe item, Into-Mind

Trying to crack the code, Dead Fleurette*



*I identify a LOT with this post…more on that later.







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