Portland Bound
what I’ll be living in over the next couple of months

Lots of things are in flux, but there’s always time for Pinterest and Polyvore. They’re almost as soothing as buying new things. Almost.

Newly added to the sea of neutrals are the Madewell ‘Ames’ boots, Rachel Comey rain boots, and sweaters from Everlane and Madewell.  There is also the Marni x H&M raincoat that I never knew I had to have until today. Apparently it rains a lot in Portland. And they have these seasons I’ve heard so much about.

This should be interesting.

In the Harvestland

The new Harvestland fall colorway at Everlane has landed.

Inspired by the colors of American farmlands, the palette is warm, beautiful and very neutral friendly (!!!). Naturally, several items are being considered for spots in my fall edit. I love Everlane for making things you can live in, so I’m going to be mulling over what to add for a while.




Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cue up the Stater Bros. jingle* and browse a little bit.


*this is a Southern California thing, but I can’t help but think of it when I see Harvestland.


On my favorite designer

Emerson Fry totally gets me. Season after season, I look to the line for great pieces and styling to ogle. Her girl always looks so cool. The clothes have simple but interesting silhouettes, are impeccably tailored, and are all (with the exception of the shoes) made in the U.S.A.


If I had to spend the rest of my days in head-to-toe EF, I wouldn’t complain. It’s all just too good.

Head to their blog to read interviews with the designer about the fall collection, why she chooses the materials she does, and lots of collages with succulents peppered throughout.