Fashion Drug Mule Attempting to Look Inconspicuous

27-1 5-1

Balenciaga Resort ’17

I didn’t really get the whole normcore thing and dad hats are more function than form for yours truly, but this? This speaks to me. The extremely pared back makeup, the “f it, just grab the damn hat if you can’t find sunscreen and no one cares if you’re matching anyway” vibe, bags that could be holding bowling balls, cocaine bricks or body parts, the not extremely precious even though you know they cost the thousands of doll-hairs garments; I’m here for ALL of it.


Reading Material


photo via thecozyspace

House sold. Now comes buying another mortgage and moving. This shit so stressful, bruh.

And, as is customary for periods of high stress, I am spending too much time looking at minimalists like Paris to Go and trying to both upgrade and further streamline my own closet (read: sell things to finance new, better versions of things I currently have).

It’s just like housing!

Other interesting reads I’ve come across are a post on Garance Doré about Rados Protic (she’s proof that this whole denim, tomboy, leather jacket theme can be carried well over into advanced age) and this piece on vulnerability that has me missing my mom and best friends like crazy.  And one more from Paris to Go. She’s hardcore and I love it.