The Leather Sneaker

I have to admit that there are quite few brands with ethics I applaud and products I’d probably never buy. Silhouettes are important to me and I find that quite a few responsible brands don’t make ones that I particularly like.

Nisolo is one of those brands. I learned of it through Andrea and watched its popularity grow among the conscious consumerism set. While I am all for the mission of paying partner suppliers above and beyond fair trade wages and responsible production methods, I could not find anything that suited my tastes until recently.

With the launch of the Elayna sneaker, I now have something I can hope to own; and they don’t look so precious that I can’t actually wear them…unlike a certain pair of loafers that are still sitting pretty in their packaging. Vachetta leather ages beautifully over time and it’s a great, atypical option for a sneaker. Right up my alley.

I’m only plotting on them for now, but  I’d be remiss to not mention that Nisolo gives us both $25 off when you use this link. Each one, reach one.


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Nayyirah Waheed | the only boots that matter | Kendrick.

Growth and change are difficult and necessary. Sometimes, wisdom is the reward; sometimes, bitterness is the by-product.


What I’ve been doing instead of blogging

Between lots of thinking, a malware infection on the site, and the many newsletters that occupy my inbox, I’ve spent a lot of time away. To aid in your further distraction recreation, here are some assorted readings from around the internet over the past few months.

The myth of the ethical shopper. Very important albeit upsetting read. Sometimes we aren’t doing as much as we think we are and that’s good information to have.

Why owning 24 items of clothing is good for my creativity. I’ve seen many versions of this story, but I really liked this one.

The woman in the empty room. Because I’m on a minimalism kick and this speaks to it very poetically.

How to make your shoes last a lifetime. I’m getting more into making do with and mending my clothing. And men’s blogs. I really love reading men’s blogs. They place a lot more emphasis on choosing and taking care of well-made clothing. Dreamy.

The disease of more. On how progress is actually the enemy of progress.  Really interesting read.

Body scrubs, feather robes, and other failed experiments in self-care. Another good one that aims to lift the veil on the commercialization of self-care. Pro-tip: the most effective forms are usually free.

The real price of clothing.  A really insightful piece from the head of Elizabeth Suzann. She actually connects her prices to her production process and profit margin. It’s rare for a designer to pull back the curtain on how their clothing is produced. Much respect.