Fall Looks

1: VEDA Jayne jacket / NAU scarf / SPLENDID slip dress (on sale!) / SISII sneakers
2: VANESSA BRUNO coat / J  BRAND camisole / CITIZENS OF HUMANITY jeans / RAG and BONE boots
3: DICKIES CONSTRUCT sweater / CÉLINE belt / EARNEST SEWN jeans / RAG and BONE boots
4: VANESSA BRUNO coat / NAU scarf / ALC sweater / CITIZENS OF HUMANITY jeans / ISABEL MARANT boots


A collection of things I wore this week: old standbys and new (soon-to-be) favorites.

I’ve been considering upgrading my phone, solely for the camera…but nah. I don’t want my phone actively listening for me to talk to it.



Sweater SZN


Bathroom selfies – a hallmark of sophistication.

It’s been two months and I’ve managed to keep to my challenge, albeit skirting the *rules* that I came up with a bit. Case in point, the above sweater was the result of a successful selling trip to Crossroads. No money was exchanged for said sweater, so I didn’t technically buy it. Thus my quest to have a bougie closet on the most shoestring of budgets continues.

I love these little games I play with myself.

Or I’m just playing myself since the original goal was to “calibrate my priorities,” “stop chasing the new,” and “enjoying what I already have.”

*insert appropriate DJ Khaled .gif here*


*facepalm emjoi*

ACNE jeans (NEVER AGAIN) / CÉLINE sandals

Captain’s Log:

No sooner than one day after my post half-celebrating my abstention from shopping did I realize that my light wash skinny jeans had completely bagged out.

To be fair, I haven’t been wearing these as much because of the Citizens jeans I keep mentioning, so I hadn’t noticed how badly they’d stretched out until today.

And it was bad. I was able to pull nearly 6″ of fabric away from my thigh while sitting without even stretching the jeans. Had I lost weight? No. No I had not. I’d deviated from my standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material and was reminded why I should never deviate from my standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material.

Because I’m both reactionary and mission-focused, I “bought” a replacement pair while technically staying the course. I happened to have amassed a credit at Everlane that I’d been sitting on for months and Everlane recently released its $68 denim collection. Coincidence? Absolutely. So while I await the arrival of my replacement high waist leg casings, I can rest knowing I still haven’t spent any actual money and am fully in line with the parameters set when I announced this challenge. Fight me if you don’t agree.

Or not. None of this is that serious.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how disappointed I am with Acne for these jeans. The other pairs I have from the brand are much older and still holding up well, but they are made of the aforementioned standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material. STILL though. I expect jeans that command higher retail prices to last longer than jeans from Forever 21 and these remind me a lot of the jeans I used to get at Forever 21. You should see how these things look now, but pride won’t let me show you.

Here’s hoping Everlane denim is worth the hype. I’ll let you know how it goes.




Here is a photo of me having a lot more fun playing in my clothes instead of chasing down new ones. Just kidding – I was at a wedding reception that came a year after the wedding and someone made a joke about my half-assed attempts at posing. Occasion aside, the brand is strong and I haven’t bought anything new this month.

*cue applause*

Actually, no. I bought bras because the three I owned were completely thrashed and I didn’t realize how thrashed until I got new ones.

While we’re on the subject, can I talk about how oppressive it is to shop for bras? A few weeks ago I went to a proper lingerie shop for a fitting (highly recommended, btw). After the nice woman confirmed that childbearing had remodeled my boobs for good, I went to Nordstrom a couple weeks later to look for things I could actually wear in my real life and not the imaginary one where I lay around all day and take boudoir photos. I get to Nordstrom on the last day of their anniversary sale and a nice woman with a boot on her leg combed through the racks to find what would fit me. My “new” size (and I use that word loosely because it’s technically been this size since Hogs weaned, I just wasn’t wearing the correct bra size) is one that a lot of companies don’t manufacture. Shouts out to the IBTC and everyone repping 30″ bands.

Anyway, she’s pulling all the things and I take a handful into the dressing room and begin trying them on. Two hours later and I hadn’t found anything that was plain black, fit well, and didn’t read underneath my clothes. TWO HOURS. TWO WHOLE ASS HOURS.  I thought, “maybe I don’t really need this. I can make do,” but then I remembered that the woman helping me had a boot on and was running back and forth across the store despite the fact that she couldn’t really run and I felt bad so I bought two options I had no intention of keeping just to make it look like I wasn’t a complete jerk.

A couple days later, I was on Pret’s blog and she mentioned Gap Body in her post. Two things: one – I had no idea that Gap sold underwear; two – I had no idea that Gap was perpetually 40% off.  I was halfway to ordering when I realized that Gap still has physical stores and one was near Nordstrom. Convenient. The next day, I returned the pity bras I’d bought and then went to Gap to vet their sizing system. The selection in the physical store sucked, but I found one I liked and bought it.

The cashier was one of those people who whispers everything – this isn’t germane to the story in any way, but I found it intriguing. Have you ever bought a bra from someone who whispers everything?  It’s odd.

The following day, I ordered the styles I actually wanted online (this and this) and finally wore one today. Right now, I’m sitting up straight, my boobs look like they care about their appearance, and I realized that one should probably replace these things more than once every several years. I hear it’s *supposed* to be every six months, but that also seems ridiculous.

Long digression, but the point of this all is to say that I made it through more than half of the month without buying new clothes and I’m proud of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Also, these boots are killers but completely worth the shredded foot feeling and I still love these jeans.




Moody Blues


Greetings from Page, Arizona. I’m here on a work trip to send a chicken sandwich to space. True story.

The last two years have been fraught with a lot of personal growth (read: really shitty things happening). The good thing is I think I’ve finally landed in a place where I can manage myself and my emotions without wanting to jump out of a window or hole up for several days. It’s a nice time. It’s definitely a journey, but I’m learning to better appreciate the stops along the way.