Stuff to Read on the Internet 005

Earth Kitt photographed by Isaac Sutton, 1959


More brain food. Short list, but a lot to think about.  Grab some tea or a latte or a potent potable and lemme know what y’all think.

Why do white people like what I write? The title is a bit misleading and the piece is long but, WHEW! Such a good read. I find the ability to critique people and things becoming a maligned and lost art…but we need it. We desperately do.

Does the breakdown of the American marriage signal something more sinister? Calling all workaholics…

A look into the commerce clause of the Constitution and how it changed the country. And still can. This was an enlightening and troubling episode to listen to. Anyone care to discuss?

It feels like the world is ending. Do whatever makes you happy.

Patti Smith at the Hotel Chelsea, photographed by David Gahr

Some links to take your mind off of whatever is going on outside.

Sound bath. Something to meditate to.

Can a family survive after their plane crashes in the Rockies? VERY misleading title. Long, fascinating read.

How to take care of your clothes.

Just learned that plants can learn. Nature is amazing.

Muay Thai saved my life. I’ve loved this style of fighting ever since I watched Ong Bak. Makes me want to sign up.

G. Bruce Boyer’s 10 Commandments for Menswear.

10 wellness tips from French women.  Because French women know everything about everything.

I love Vince Staples. He’s my younger brother in my head. Interviewed. Interviewed while eating hot wings.

#ITGTopShelfies are the best. ITG Top Shelves are also the best. These women have such amazing skin.

Virgil Abloh and Nike did a thing together.

Stuff to Read on the Internet 002

Studio inspiration

The fully optimized life. Because someone out there is living well enough to coach all of us.

A case for abandoning skin care products. I’ve been moving in this direction slowly and I have to agree with her 100% (except for the part about coconut oil on the face).

Treating yourself is not the answer. I have this tab permanently open on my browser now.

Interview with a trend forecaster. I thought this was cool.  The comment section has some interesting fodder as well.

Thanks to Andrea for introducing me to the Cora ball – a washing machine ball that traps microfibers and keeps them from entering the waterways.  There are a couple of days left to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign.

Ariana’s Zero Waste Wardrobe posts always make me happy.

Stuff to Read on the Internet

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a look at some articles from around the web. No theme here; I just found everything fascinating.

I happened upon a couple of pieces about monasteries in Asia. This article in the NYT is about one in South Korea that houses one of the best chefs in the world.

Three signs you will be fine even if nothing around you is.

Stop pretending and start living.  Because moving through your life grimacing through everything is a great way to waste it.

4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump. Politics aside, this was a REALLY interesting article. If you’re only vaguely familiar with 4chan, I highly recommend this one.

Against Empathy. I love a good counterpoint to what seems to be a rallying point for the masses. I’ve  questioned the efficacy of everyone being empathetic (I’m am empath myself and I find it debilitating sometimes).

Getting older doesn’t suck.