Elle Aye

I’ve stumbled upon a new-ish local jawn full of goodies that I love and love to look at.  They offer a tightly edited, very So-Cal sort of mix that lands between skater, native, and high-end and I’m here for it.  Everyone say hello to Super Street.








They deliver same-day in Los Angeles and carry a ton of fun socks.  WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!!



Brogues by Jenni Kayne

While everyone went completely gaga over the D’Orsay flats, I resisted the urge, sat back, and waited to see if something better would come along.  And it did.

I now have a goal.  These are the goal.

Hi Goal.



February Roundup


The upside is that I spent less than I normally have for the amount of shit that I got. Trying to find a silver lining here. Let’s get into it.


// a neo-vintage Looney Tunes shirt

why: it was a nostalgia thing. I asked the Instagram gods for this and it came to me and I was powerless to say no.

circumstance: went searching for it on a whim (ok, the last of several whim-led searches) and found it on Etsy for $12. Normally I see shirts this age go for much more, so I called it fate and got it. The 11-year-old me is squee-ing with delight.

// two Theyskens’ Theory tank tops (one seen here)

why: it seemed like a good idea. Shirts are always good. I like shirts. 

circumstance: my boo-thang Ellie Di was in town and she wanted to go shopping. Naturally I obliged. I took her to my once most favored neighborhood for thrifting, ended up in Crossroads and was shocked that they were priced so low.

// Alejandro Ingelmo ‘Kennedy’ platform loafers

why: the loafers I bought on sale at Zara fucking suck. I can never trust the shoes there. I wanted new flats and these were chock-full of personality. Saw an all black pair on Oroma and was pressed to find a pair for myself. 

circumstance: I searched eBay a bit and found them. Showed Dudeguy and Dudeguy approved – even with the neon yellow that scares me a bit. I got them for a Coke and a smile. Winning all around.

// Jeffrey Campbell ‘Debora’ cutout boots

why: *groan* Ok, I think they’re cute. But I also think this is a case of “they’re cute on her, so this will obviously be cute on me … but in actual life doesn’t really work that well on me because I’m not her.” This happens a lot. Not as much as it used to (DEAR GOD THE MONEY I’VE SPENT), but more often than I’d like.

circumstance: impulsive ass night shopping – what else?



Still nothing, but that last item is the first up on the chopping block.



Clearly my attempts to not night shop have been unsuccessful. Technology has made it all too easy for it to happen and I can’t completely shut myself off from my phone, especially if I’m working late.

I’m taking suggestions if anyone has any. Each one, reach one.



January Roundup

My original plan was to not have to do this for a few months. There’s always hope for next month. Baby steps. Onward!



// Everlane Raglan Sweatshirts with Short and Long sleeves

why: they have a solid method of building hype before a product launches. I know I have a healthy mistrust of ‘overpriced’ sweatshirts, but the promise of something that was made locally and was more structured with neoprene-like fabric was too much of a draw. Beside that, I had credits to spend.

circumstance: I waited until the midnight of their release (I was up working already…I’m not that obsessed…generally), and bought them. I had a feeling they’d sell out and they did. Luckily for the ones who waited, they’ve returned at slightly lower prices.

// Emerson Fry Vheel Slingbacks in Marigold

why: this was just a failure of will-power. Although I really like the look of these, they’re one of those purchases I could have definitely gone without.  

circumstance: I hit another trifecta of something being well below retail, shopping in the dead of night, and feeling like I deserved a reward. The most terrible part about it is that I knew that this was happening while I was in the process of buying them and was so exhausted that I decided I didn’t give a damn.



Nothing again. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to devote to maintaining and promoting listings. Gotta make that a priority because I’m falling behind on this whole one-in-one-out thing.



Must stop night shopping. Must stop night shopping. Must stop night shopping.




Everlane sweatshirt, Diesel jeans

Shortest shopping hiatus ever.

It really isn’t smart to start one of those during your birth month. Duly noted. I think I’ll pick it up again as soon as those slingbacks I ordered in an overwork-induced fugue get here (there’s always a story…).

If this blog is nothing else, it is a record of my habits and patterns. Instead of fighting nature, I think the best thing to do is to work within the pattern until change for the better comes naturally. For now, that means limiting purchases to as few as possible and optimizing the ones I do make by buying things I know I’ll get some real use out of. I’m past the point where I need to be flashy and impressive; I know what I like. Besides, my house is too damned small to have things simply taking up space.

Case in point: the Everlane sweatshirts (yes, two), both of which have been worn twice since they got here a week ago. I got the long sleeved version (pictured here) and the short sleeved version in black within an hour of their release on the site. Why? Because I’m insane. Or psychic. I knew both of these would sell out and they did rather quickly. Either way, I’m glad I did because the weather here isn’t cold enough to warrant a heavy leather jacket, but it’s cold enough to be uncomfortable.

I don’t care what anyone on the east coast or in the midwest has told you, but 68 degrees is uncomfortably cold weather.