The Sleeveless Silk Shirt


sleeveless silk blouse c/o Everlane

Another preview of what will be happening this fall.

The folks at Everlane were kind enough to let me pick something out of their Harvestland collection to add to my own.  I chose the sleeveless silk blouse in red clay because I wanted something that wasn’t neutral, but would play well with others. The color is deeper than I expected (it reads more pink on the site), but I love it even more because of that…mostly because pink terrifies me.

Now, if they would just release those loafers already!!!

The Linen Blazer


Helmut Lang linen twill blazer

Another grail found.  Another Fall MVP in the making. Yes, it’s still 90 degrees here.

I won’t go into the back history since many of you have seen the version of the black one play out.  This one has pretty much the same story that starts circa summer of 2011, except it ends this past Sunday with me finding the actual item on eBay and clicking Buy it Now as soon as I saw that the option was available.  In the words of Mariah aka Mariah Paris aka Mariah Successful, “Baby when it’s right, it’s right.”

And you know what? It’s alright.


The Trousers


Acne S/S ’10 Sensational pants + obligatory marble

The feeling you get when you finally find something that you’ve been looking for a long time is one of my favorites. An even better feeling is one you get when that thing finds you.

And by finds you I mean is given to you by a dear friend who thought of you when they didn’t fit her and put them in the mail because she knew you would love them. I love you, D. Truly.

These are another future fall MVP (better visual here). They’re basically the trouser version of my favorite jeans; low slung, drop crotch with tapered legs. Time has only increased my love for this particular cut, so I’m glad to have another, slightly dressier option. These will be replacing the vintage, deadstock harem pants that I once wore to death but are now largely ignored.

Of note, this is the third time I’ve lucked out with getting a way past-season want from Acne (first, second). This is clearly some sort of magic power, right?



Project 333 | Fall Planning


LNA Atlas sweater | Helmut Lang Smoking Wool Tux blazer | Madewell Serge oxfords | Jenni Kayne brogues

My head is well-buried into next “season” and am predicting that the above will be the MVPs of Project 333 – Fall edition. I probably shouldn’t be so focused on things I want to get for a time that isn’t here, but this is me we’re talking about. Old dog, new tricks, yadda yadda yadda. On the upswing I have half of these items already (sort of…although I still want the original for some reason), so there’s that. Progress?

I also added a succulent because that seems to be a thing that bloggers do now (#RELEVANCE). The spiral represents my shopping binge and purging cycles.