Sweater Weather


EVERLANE donegal cashmere turtleneck and chunky knit crew

Everlane is great for providing more layers for me to gawk at as these temperatures hover around freezing.

I’m learning the importance necessity of wool and cashmere and beanies and gloves and jackets that aren’t supposed to only look good. Who knew!?  Also, I’m learning that the cost for these things is astronomical unless it’s ebay. Anyone want to put something on a sweater for me? Can we all go in on one and mail it around? How do we make this happen?



photo via the cozy space

Right now, I’m in the middle of selling my house in and looking for a place to live. Naturally, instead of focusing on that, I am thinking about how woefully under-prepared I am for the Pacific Northwest climate. The weather has been beautiful as of late, but I’m told this is a damn dirty trick that February is playing. Terrible.

Since seasons are a THING here, and I’m not sure what a proper transition from winter to spring looks/feels like, I’m scoping out a few things to look at and feel up on.

The perfect leather jacket. It’s perpetually on the list of things to get, but I think I’ve finally found the jacket to replace all leather jackets. No, I  mean it. I had six at one point and I’m 97% sure this trumps all of them. Besides, it’s cold here and I’m not wearing Patagonia. This one is a close second because it gives me Rick Owens vibes.

Super black skinny jeans. No rips, no holes, no frills. Just a great fit that hits at a nice point on the ankle. Distressing makes for cold knees here and I’m not a fan of cold knees.

Boxy white t-shirt. Another mainstay in the closet, this one is in a different (and therefore, worthy of separate purchase) silhouette and makes for a nice update of my now threadbare scoopneck versions. Or I could buy a pack of Fruit of the Loom shirts and call it a day. We’ll see.



The Sleeveless Silk Shirt


sleeveless silk blouse c/o Everlane

Another preview of what will be happening this fall.

The folks at Everlane were kind enough to let me pick something out of their Harvestland collection to add to my own.  I chose the sleeveless silk blouse in red clay because I wanted something that wasn’t neutral, but would play well with others. The color is deeper than I expected (it reads more pink on the site), but I love it even more because of that…mostly because pink terrifies me.

Now, if they would just release those loafers already!!!

The Linen Blazer


Helmut Lang linen twill blazer

Another grail found.  Another Fall MVP in the making. Yes, it’s still 90 degrees here.

I won’t go into the back history since many of you have seen the version of the black one play out.  This one has pretty much the same story that starts circa summer of 2011, except it ends this past Sunday with me finding the actual item on eBay and clicking Buy it Now as soon as I saw that the option was available.  In the words of Mariah aka Mariah Paris aka Mariah Successful, “Baby when it’s right, it’s right.”

And you know what? It’s alright.