Project 333 | Fall Planning


LNA Atlas sweater | Helmut Lang Smoking Wool Tux blazer | Madewell Serge oxfords | Jenni Kayne brogues

My head is well-buried into next “season” and am predicting that the above will be the MVPs of Project 333 – Fall edition. I probably shouldn’t be so focused on things I want to get for a time that isn’t here, but this is me we’re talking about. Old dog, new tricks, yadda yadda yadda. On the upswing I have half of these items already (sort of…although I still want the original for some reason), so there’s that. Progress?

I also added a succulent because that seems to be a thing that bloggers do now (#RELEVANCE). The spiral represents my shopping binge and purging cycles.




Langley drape tank | Langley muscle tank

Why two? Because I’m pretty sure my favorite brand has perfected a tank top for each of my main dressing modes: girlie with a side of tomboy and tomboy with a side of girlie. They’re diametrically opposed. Just go with it.

Consider the above exhibit A and exhibit B,  planned purchases of the month season. These will be rotated into the current collection and worn way too much.

Aside from being made locally, these are great since they don’t have to be hand washed. I’m not a huge fan of scrubbing off whatever sticky/colorful/unidentified substance(s) the boy has left on my shirts. I shudder to think of what substance(s) the boy has left on my shirts.

If you plan on getting one or both, just a heads up that they are cream. Very cream. Not white. Cream.


June Roundup

This month was about realizing this past post and realizing that one does not go to special effort to dress up for Los Angeles-based fashion events. Why? Because no one ever dresses up. I had on jeans and felt overdone. i mean, I was hella cute and all, but there were women there in cutoff jean shorts and sneaker wedges.

But enough of my lamentations – onward!

Confused?  Read the back story.


hmphoto via The Glamourai

// H&M Draped Top

why: I was invited to a fashion show and, being the cooped up social butterfly that I am, felt it a great opportunity to be fancy (this is a relative term). I didn’t want to wear a dress and didn’t have any shirts that were the proper mix of (FORGIVE ME FOR SAYING THIS) grown + sexy. Two minutes in and this post feels like a party flyer from 2007. UGH.

circumstance: I remembered a particular shirt that I saw on Kelly’s blog, and having already looked around for it in a physical H&M store (twice), tried my luck on the site…in the dead of night. I’m calling it kismet because there was one left. ONE. This after no one could find it anywhere and it had been sold out for however long and folks had been selling them for twice the price on ebay. I bought that shirt so damn fast…


// Zara  shirts (2)

why: I’m over white t-shirts. I’m over t-shirts in general. I always wear them and would rather try to try and make a decent effort to not wear them. Both of these give me that “just threw on, but look like I tried” vibe that I so love. The one on the right reminds me of that TFC shirt with the buckle closure and split back, but is less fussy/less precious/sleeveless.



// Zara palazzo pants

why: remember that event I mentioned? I was working out what to wear, and these seemed like a good option. I’m still not sure I should keep them since these aren’t usually my style, but they aren’t jeans and allow for airflow. Both of these are great things in summer.

circumstance: I went to Zara’s site and they were having their semi-annual sale. Great timing, I know. The pants are A/W, so those were full price, but the shirts were both discounted. Ehhhhh.



Running out of things to sell, but this may change soon. So yeah –  I sold nothing. Nothing.



I still have yet to give up online shopping, but I’m thinking I should make a decent attempt at that Project 333. Well, that or some bastardized version of it.

UPDATE: I’m doing a bastardized version of it.  YAY!

The one in, one out thing really works to keep things from getting out of control. WHO KNEW? Everyone? Oh.

I haven’t had as many fixative, compulsive shopping episodes this month. Little wins.