TMSSL, Part 4


Zara top, Diesel jeans, Jenni Kayne brogues

Terrible mirror selfies of summer looks, part 4.

I wore this to The Reaping of the Edges (otherwise known as the On the Run Tour). I have a near-zealous detestation of overdressing for concerts, so I went in my usual combo of thot and tomboy. It was both hot and raining on Saturday night, so this outfit was perfect.

In my humble, completely non-biased, and non-stan opinion, OTR was one o fthe most amazing live shows I have ever seen. Bey is queen and Jay has finally mastered not being horribly stiff while on stage. It was everything. EVERYTHING, I SAY.

(clearly, I am completely biased)

((don’t judge))




muscle tank | khaki shorts


Everlane Langley tank top & sandals, shorts from D

I don’t think I’m going to count jewelry in the next 33 item edit. I have a necklace that would have really set this shirt off on the left, but it isn’t on the list of approved items. Terrible.

We took the boy and his cousins to the OC Fair on Saturday. I wasted an opportunity to eat a pickle and corn dog hybrid, but managed to eat part of a deep fried, bacon wrapped churro that had been soaked in Jack Daniels. I’m not sure I made the best decision.


blue jeans | white shirt


Zara shirt, LF jeans, Everlane sandals

Look, ma! New hair!

Wiggle is back for the 99 and the 2000 since I’m on a protective style challenge of sorts until winter. Yes, its name is Wiggle.

In other news, today I found a blog that makes me wish I posted outfits more consistently. Well, we can all dream. Ok, I can dream. Check out Un-Fancy for more I have a ~35 piece capsule wardrobe I’ll be wearing for three months action.