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Emerson Fry Coats

EMERSON FRY High Neck Shell and Ryan Coat

If the Pacific Northwest has taught me anything, it’s the value of a good coat. In my former life, when 60 degrees was considered cold and umbrellas were a thing, outerwear was for look only. Deep into my second winter here, function is really what I’m after (with a considerable portion of form).

I don’t have a ton of coats (read: long-ish, keeps me warm and/or dry, not made of leather) and half of them are made by Emerson Fry. I’ve mentioned the brand a few times before over the years and still consider them a favorite. Reasons? Their girl always looks great, quality is amazing, they produce their clothes in the US, and they have amazing sales. Case in point, I got both of these for around 70% off retail.

If you haven’t already, get on their mailing list. The patient will be rewarded with notifications from the online outlet store and end of season closeout deals.


Hello, November

EVERLANE sweater and blouse, CÉLINE belt, RAG & BONE jeans

October was kind of a terrible month (except for the couple of pretty things I bought to cope with life, but now my budget* is yelling at me, so that’s a wash). In the spirit of having November be better, I wrote a short list of things to do to save my sanity:

  • Actually exercise. This instead of watching other people exercise on TV and in Pinterest workouts.
  • Practice self care. No, really. Stop talking about it and do it. Make a list of things to do and do them.
  • Control what’s incoming. Log off the internet, turn off the ambient TV, start tackling the “to read” pile and listening to these podcasts that are actually interesting and helpful and uplifting. I recently started listening to The Friend Zone and I’m hooked.
  • Appreciate what is here. Stop thinking in the wrong direction (thanks Fran), worrying about the past and future, and really take in the moment and world around you right now; make an effort to deal with what it is instead of what it isn’t or what  you wish it were.



*I evangelize about the greatness that is You Need A Budget. There’s a 34 day free trial and a $6 discount if you purchase it using the links here. Prosper.



If it’s on your ass, it’s not an asset


My dad used to use this phrase when trying to explain the difference between appreciation and depreciation. This usually happened when I was trying to justify buying something expensive. I should have listened to his financial advice, but I was young and knew everything.

Now that I’m not so young, I find myself saying the same thing.

The concept of “investment pieces” seems really strange to me. You can’t invest in clothing; anything you actually wear doesn’t appreciate in value. It (usually) won’t make you more money than you paid for it, so why does common fashion parlance deem it “investing”? I want to blame this on chauvinism, but that may just be my exhausted inner cynic vying for attention.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t spend money on the more expensive things we like. Ball out, by all means. But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking we are positively impacting our net worth when buying that Givenchy Pandora satchel. We aren’t. We’re buying something we hope we’ll wear enough to justify the cost. No more, no less.

I hoped these boots would be worth the cost (no, they weren’t expensive but I had to segue somehow). I’m only wearing them for the first time since purchasing in March, but they harken back to my tried and true tomboy meets stripper heels aesthetic. As is my usual pattern, I fixated on these (and a few other things) after seeing them in this pin and spent far too much time tracking them down. eBay provides.

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thrifted shirt

Continued adventures in strange ways to cuff clothing.

This shirt is one of the very few survivors from my super thrift days. I got it at a Hoodwill circa 2010 and, despite it being a tad too big and curling in odd places, I absolutely love it.

It has proven to be very versatile this season. So far it’s been an over-shirt, a skirt, and now a faux raglan sleeved button down. One day I may wear it the way it was intended, but that seems so…not as exciting.



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Earnest Sewn jeans, Isabel Marant boots

I’ve worn these jeans more in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. They had always been too long and seemed too precious to wear with any frequency.

Before the fall season of P333 began, I hemmed (read: cut) them to a more appropriate length; just below the ankle so they could still be cuffed the way I like my jeans to be. I dig the jagged edges, so I did this to keep them on display.