Fail Harder.


J BRAND top and jeans, J CREW choker, NOT ISABEL MARANT jacket


So I’ve defected from Project 333. But only for a little bit.

A quick trip to a much colder climate here, a pretty choker on sale there, and a suspiciously Marant-like jacket in one of the unlikeliest of places, and I was in a rush to wear all of the things together. I’m a sucker for ankle zippers and shiny things, what can I say?

Back on the wagon after this. Promise.



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thrifted shirt

Continued adventures in strange ways to cuff clothing.

This shirt is one of the very few survivors from my super thrift days. I got it at a Hoodwill circa 2010 and, despite it being a tad too big and curling in odd places, I absolutely love it.

It has proven to be very versatile this season. So far it’s been an over-shirt, a skirt, and now a faux raglan sleeved button down. One day I may wear it the way it was intended, but that seems so…not as exciting.



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Earnest Sewn jeans, Isabel Marant boots

I’ve worn these jeans more in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years. They had always been too long and seemed too precious to wear with any frequency.

Before the fall season of P333 began, I hemmed (read: cut) them to a more appropriate length; just below the ankle so they could still be cuffed the way I like my jeans to be. I dig the jagged edges, so I did this to keep them on display.

On Ignoring Practicality


Helmut Lang blazer, J Brand camisole, Earnest Sewn jeans

When thinking about building my second capsule wardrobe for a quarter of the year, I took both form and function into consideration. If I was going to add a piece, I wanted it to have something visually interesting about it, especially if it was basic. I also wanted it to layer in a cool way.

I had reservations when considering this camisole; it was expensive as hell, I don’t usually ever wear them, and the back and sides are sheer. “IMPRACTICAL!” is the word I kept hearing the lonely voice that tries to keep me in line shout.

Despite all of the obvious reasons to pass, I kept coming back to the neckline – that bordering on too deep, but just deep enough V. A quest ending V. Sure, I wasn’t looking for it, but when I saw it, I had to have it. I looked for comparable camisoles, but nothing was quite right. I tried to find a pattern, and remembered that my sewing machine is buried somewhere and then I’d have to find fabric, and what if I never get around to it, waaaaaaah.

In situations like this, the decision to buy usually comes down to whether or not I can find a coupon code. It took about 2 minutes to find one that worked and after a few days of consideration, I bought it.

A little over two weeks into the season and I’ve worn this twice (this is a very good sign). As expected, it layers nicely with my blazers (helloooooo work appropriate!) and the V is still my favorite thing. Added bonuses? French seams, french darts, works over these, it doesn’t wrinkle and is machine washable.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.