Sweater SZN


Bathroom selfies – a hallmark of sophistication.

It’s been two months and I’ve managed to keep to my challenge, albeit skirting the *rules* that I came up with a bit. Case in point, the above sweater was the result of a successful selling trip to Crossroads. No money was exchanged for said sweater, so I didn’t technically buy it. Thus my quest to have a bougie closet on the most shoestring of budgets continues.

I love these little games I play with myself.

Or I’m just playing myself since the original goal was to “calibrate my priorities,” “stop chasing the new,” and “enjoying what I already have.”

*insert appropriate DJ Khaled .gif here*


*facepalm emjoi*

ACNE jeans (NEVER AGAIN) / CÉLINE sandals

Captain’s Log:

No sooner than one day after my post half-celebrating my abstention from shopping did I realize that my light wash skinny jeans had completely bagged out.

To be fair, I haven’t been wearing these as much because of the Citizens jeans I keep mentioning, so I hadn’t noticed how badly they’d stretched out until today.

And it was bad. I was able to pull nearly 6″ of fabric away from my thigh while sitting without even stretching the jeans. Had I lost weight? No. No I had not. I’d deviated from my standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material and was reminded why I should never deviate from my standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material.

Because I’m both reactionary and mission-focused, I “bought” a replacement pair while technically staying the course. I happened to have amassed a credit at Everlane that I’d been sitting on for months and Everlane recently released its $68 denim collection. Coincidence? Absolutely. So while I await the arrival of my replacement high waist leg casings, I can rest knowing I still haven’t spent any actual money and am fully in line with the parameters set when I announced this challenge. Fight me if you don’t agree.

Or not. None of this is that serious.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how disappointed I am with Acne for these jeans. The other pairs I have from the brand are much older and still holding up well, but they are made of the aforementioned standard blend of 98% cotton and 2% stretchy material. STILL though. I expect jeans that command higher retail prices to last longer than jeans from Forever 21 and these remind me a lot of the jeans I used to get at Forever 21. You should see how these things look now, but pride won’t let me show you.

Here’s hoping Everlane denim is worth the hype. I’ll let you know how it goes.



Dead Fleurette / Linda V. Wright’s daughter, India

Clothes are stressful, but so nice to look at. The top image is one that has stuck in my mind since 2010. I miss DF so much. The bottom is an example of perfect styling. Neither have anything to do with this post.  

I’m taking a break from shopping for the rest of the year. I’m doing it because I need to calibrate my priorities, I need to save money, and because I don’t think I can actually do it. It’s a very layered approach.

So nice I did it twice / CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Liya jeans in Rock On (tailored) and Fade Out (awaiting tailoring).

Looking at what I’ve bought over the last seven months, I am pleased.  I made some mistakes and forgot certain things don’t ‘work’ on me, but I have everything that I need and then some. And that’s why I need to chill. With the exceptions of replacing t-shirts when they wear out and a pair of rain boots, I am no longer seeking out the new. For five months. I have a closet full of my grails already and I need to appreciate them.

Since January, I’ve bought (read: both purchased and, for the time being, have kept) the following. Items in red will be sold…for reasons.

Rodebjer camel coat
AA hoodie and shorts set, AA white cropped fisherman sweater
DBM hoodie
snow coat
Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Maryellen boots
Rossmore earrings
Catbird choker
AA dark indigo denim skirt, AA navy blue wrap skirt
AA black ponte tank dress
Gucci Brixton loafers
Stutterheim Stockholm long raincoat
Madewell socks
CoH Liya jeans
Elizabeth Suzann raw silk Maxine top
AA black bodysuit
Rick Owens Lillies dress
blue suede Jordan 1s
white Chucks
vintage Levis 501 cutoffs
CoH Liya jeans
vintage lounge shorts
Isabel Marant striped Zita sweater (same style as Fleurette’s above)

A lot of this stuff was a result of seasonal unpreparedness. Winter was more unpleasant than expected and I never needed dedicated summer clothes. Anticipating this summer to be hot as hell, I bought my two t-shirts company and my legs some breathing room.  Winter saw two coats and a couple of hoodies.
As for the rest, a couple were grail-level items, American Apparel was liquidating merchandise, and the rest were flights of fancy. Some worked, some didn’t.
I’ve offloaded a lot of items, but this list makes me want to further reduce the number of pieces I own. I want to step back and actually enjoy these clothes because I must have loved all this at one point, right? What’s the point of chasing more?

The sun became a thing again

top made by me / CITIZENS OF HUMANITY jeans / COMMON PROJECTS sandals / THE ROW sunglasses

It’s hot outside and I am thrilled. Time to revisit the list for spring/summer closet preparations that I put together and completely forgot about…

// Dye my light colored high-waist jeans to a medium blue…maybe

I did no do this…mostly because I fell out of love with skinny jeans. It’s too hot and my legs are bigger than they were a few months ago. Shouts out to squats and prowler runs.

// Get supplies to properly clean and waterproof my shoes

Still haven’t done this either. Terrible.

// Reassess the closet contents

This is a constant thing. Lots of things sold and given away and I’m feeling good about the current state of things. I still haven’t worn the loafers.

// Mend/tailor anything that needs mending/tailoring

Yes and no. All the major items are taken care of, but there are some necklaces that I need professional help with.

// Buy a couple of nice, long-wearing spring/summer tops

I finally bought the Elizabeth Suzann Maxine top I mentioned earlier and am impatiently awaiting its arrival. In the meantime, I made the shirt I’m wearing above with a $2.25 fabric remnant (directions are here if you are so inclined!). Summer shirt issues (possibly) resolved!

Side note: if any of you are pressed for a particular ES piece and aren’t too keen about the current 8-10 week lead time, I’d suggest checking out this Instagram page.  You might get lucky (I DID!)

// Find a pair of good jeans

YES. FOUND. WEARING IN PHOTO ABOVE. And I can’t get enough of them. I had the waist taken in (best $15 I’ve spent in a while) and they’re perfect. I want them in a darker wash, too.

If any of you are interested in this style, size down. I’m usually a 28 and had to get a 26 in these…thicker thighs and all. Still not sure how that happened, but I’m rolling with it.