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The impending summer and its oppressive heat will be here soon and I am all wrapped up in the idea of a white shirt. Not the white, collared button-down shirt that everyone insists we all MUST HAVE (I can’t stand that shirt; that is the least used shirt that I own; man, fuck that shirt); I’m talking about something of the non-cotton variety that makes you look like you tried. Sure you actually rolled out of bed 30 minutes late and are wearing the same jeans you wore the other day, but damn if this shirt doesn’t pull it all together.



March Roundup

Short update for March, y’all!


I bought trainers because I need to work on my fitness.  Otherwise, I took the month off from shopping to save up for those brogues.

Yep. That’s right. No fashion purchases in the month of March. I knowed there was a gawd somewhere!


Prada sunglasses – I wasn’t getting a ton of wear from these, so I’m shades-less until I re-up at the optometrist’s office.

A couple more things are listed on ebay right now if anyone is so inclined and wears a 39.  Eh?  EH??


Having something to aim for makes this a whole lot easier. Planning feels nice. Not really shopping feels nice. Intention feels nice. I just want to feel nice.


Elle Aye

I’ve stumbled upon a new-ish local jawn full of goodies that I love and love to look at.  They offer a tightly edited, very So-Cal sort of mix that lands between skater, native, and high-end and I’m here for it.  Everyone say hello to Super Street.








They deliver same-day in Los Angeles and carry a ton of fun socks.  WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!!



Brogues by Jenni Kayne

While everyone went completely gaga over the D’Orsay flats, I resisted the urge, sat back, and waited to see if something better would come along.  And it did.

I now have a goal.  These are the goal.

Hi Goal.