Rule #78

Unless a Frenchwoman is actually holding a child, it’s usually very hard to tell if she’s a mother. There’s no telltale look or type of pants. They don’t sex it up to overcompensate (there’s no French equivalent of MILF, because in France there’s no reason why a mom wouldn’t be sexy). But they don’t walk around wearing sweatpants and scrunchies either. Instead, they seek an elegant middle ground. Frenchwomen don’t feel selfish for caring about their appearance…Looking good improves morale and makes you feel more balanced. It just does.

- from Bébé Day by Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman

I feel this on a cellular level.

I’m not a fan of parenting philosophies (or over-extolling the supremacy of French culture), but Druckerman’s books were both fun reads and make a lot of sense to me. They also validate my existing child-rearing behaviors. Confirmation bias for the win.

The above is from the distilled version of her first book Bringing up Bébé. Both are worth a read if you have kids or will have them in the near future.

The only kind I like


Acne S/S ’10 Sensational pants + obligatory marble

The feeling you get when you finally find something that you’ve been looking for a long time is one of my favorites. An even better feeling is one you get when that thing finds you.

And by finds you I mean is given to you by a dear friend who thought of you when they didn’t fit her and put them in the mail because she knew you would love them. I love you, D. Truly.

These are another future fall MVP (better visual here). They’re basically the trouser version of my favorite jeans; low slung, drop crotch with tapered legs. Time has only increased my love for this particular cut, so I’m glad to have another, slightly dressier option. These will be replacing the vintage, deadstock harem pants that I once wore to death but are now largely ignored.

Of note, this is the third time I’ve lucked out with getting a way past-season want from Acne (first, second). This is clearly some sort of magic power, right?



In the Harvestland

The new Harvestland fall colorway at Everlane has landed.

Inspired by the colors of American farmlands, the palette is warm, beautiful and very neutral friendly (!!!). Naturally, several items are being considered for spots in my fall edit. I love Everlane for making things you can live in, so I’m going to be mulling over what to add for a while.




Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cue up the Stater Bros. jingle* and browse a little bit.


*this is a Southern California thing, but I can’t help but think of it when I see Harvestland.


P333: Week 6 + 7

I had a week away from work and I didn’t put on real clothes, so you’re getting a double dose of things that I’ve been wearing. You will notice palazzo pants. They were everything I imagined they would be in the summer heat – nice and ventilated. Glad that worked out.