muscle tank | khaki shorts


Everlane Langley tank top & sandals, shorts from D

I don’t think I’m going to count jewelry in the next 33 item edit. I have a necklace that would have really set this shirt off on the left, but it isn’t on the list of approved items. Terrible.

We took the boy and his cousins to the OC Fair on Saturday. I wasted an opportunity to eat a pickle and corn dog hybrid, but managed to eat part of a deep fried, bacon wrapped churro that had been soaked in Jack Daniels. I’m not sure I made the best decision.


P33(1): Week 2


I’m happy to report that the project is no longer feeling like a project and more like normal. I could get into this  minimalist thing.

Although it’s only been two weeks, I can see the shortcomings in my edit for this season; the color palette is very limited and there isn’t enough variety in the shoes. Since this is a trial run, I’m allowing some substitutions so that I can continue through the rest of the summer and forward - Byaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Besides the two tank tops I recently bought, I’m looking for a pair of flat, brown sandals. I’m having a bit of trouble deciding on which ones to get, but these are the top contenders:

Joie ‘Sable‘ – neutral AND shiny, made in Italy, all leather; price is ridiculous
J. Crew ‘Malta‘ – same as the above, but only half leather and half the price
Birkenstock ‘Arizona‘ - because, the internet
Everlane Slingback – naturally…but they’re out of my size…
Woman by Common Projects ‘Minimalist Sandal’ – I know, I know; they’re sold out anyway, let me dream!

I’m not quite sure how this is going to pan out, but I’m keeping an eye open just in case a suitable and reasonable option comes along. If that happens, another item will be rotated out to make room. Forced simplicity is a beautiful thing, man.

It sounded like a couple of folks were looking to get in on Project 333 last week. Any progress? Tell me!









Langley drape tank | Langley muscle tank

Why two? Because I’m pretty sure my favorite brand has perfected a tank top for each of my main dressing modes: girlie with a side of tomboy and tomboy with a side of girlie. They’re diametrically opposed. Just go with it.

Consider the above exhibit A and exhibit B,  planned purchases of the month season. These will be rotated into the current collection and worn way too much.

Aside from being made locally, these are great since they don’t have to be hand washed. I’m not a huge fan of scrubbing off whatever sticky/colorful/unidentified substance(s) the boy has left on my shirts. I shudder to think of what substance(s) the boy has left on my shirts.

If you plan on getting one or both, just a heads up that they are cream. Very cream. Not white. Cream.


blue jeans | white shirt


Zara shirt, LF jeans, Everlane sandals

Look, ma! New hair!

Wiggle is back for the 99 and the 2000 since I’m on a protective style challenge of sorts until winter. Yes, it’s name is Wiggle.

In other news, today I found a blog that makes me wish I posted outfits more consistently. Well, we can all dream. Ok, I can dream. Check out Un-Fancy for more I have a ~35 piece capsule wardrobe I’ll be wearing for three months action.

P33(1): Week 1


 outfit tracking in the Stylebook app

I should have started this way sooner.

Getting dressed faster was one of the expected bonuses, but having a limited number of clothing to choose from is forcing me to wear items I would have otherwise passed on in favor of a white t-shirt or my standby pair of jeans. THAT, my friends, is a win; a win for those pieces that have been riding the bench for way too long.

On the downside, I was a bit ambitious with my selection for the project. After a week of consideration, I will be swapping one of the Zara shirts I recently bought for an(other), soon-to-be-released Everlane Langley tank top. I knew that open back shirt was a bad move…especially since I can’t wear it to work…or on the weekend…or anywhere else…without feeling incredibly overexposed. Nippies can only do so much, man.

In the spirit of keeping things nice and minimized (and that whole one in, one out thing), the shirt that isn’t working will be sent to my partner in clothes trading. I’ve also been collecting a bunch of other things to sell/donate/get out of my house one way or other. None of this will be surprising to anyone who’s been around here long enough since I purge and binge with the regularity of Old Faithful, but I’m interested to see how long this purge cycle lasts.

If any of you are on the fence about starting Project 333, just do it meng. Modify it to suit your preferences if you need to, but it’s definitely worth trying.