On Repeat

RODEBJER coat / EVERLANE sweater / CITIZENS of HUMANITY jeans / GUCCI loafers

I really like this sweater.

I really like these jeans.

I really like wearing this sweater and these jeans together.

Everlane has been very hit-or-miss with me lately, but this sweater is a keeper. I thought about getting one in another color, but I realize that I shouldn’t make that a habit. One is enough…unless the subject is a pair of jeans that fit perfectly; that magic number is three.




  • pretaporterp

    that coat is pretty perfect too

    • Definitely one of my finer moments in impulsiveness. LOL

  • I want a pair of jeans with that fit in black, they look so versatile.

    • They’re perfect. As soon as I find some, they’re mine. I’ll let you know if I do.

      Actually, I think the jeans Everlane carries have this cut. I didn’t like the fit much, but they may work for you.

  • SA

    That camel coat is gorgeous!!