Notes on a Post-It: 007 – The Wrap-Up

from Temple Saint Claire’s Top Shelf on ITG

I wrote most of this to close out 2017, but that came and went. Here it is anyway.

I recently watched HyperNormalisation and am feeling very jaded and weary of the world. I later read this article and felt both better and worse. I know no better way to cope with these feelings other than turning to my loved ones and by talking about clothes. Since I’ve spent this weekend attending a friend’s wedding, crashing my old workplace’s holiday party, and hanging with my family, it’s time to talk about clothes.

After reading Archana’s latest post, I was impelled to look at the damage I did this year, reevaluate why it happened, and think about how I can do better next year; not just with clothes, but with life in general.

In review of 2017, I bought too much stuff. I spent over the recommended 4% of net earnings on this stuff. Some stuff was and is very useful and is well-loved. Other things were sold, returned, given to others, repurposed, or donated (or waiting to be one of the above).  I reaffirmed my weakness for sales and learned why seasonally appropriate clothing is important to have, or, rather, not get caught without at the wrong time.

Looking forward, my aim is to spend one-third (or less) the amount I spent in 2017. I want to be more thoughtful when evaluating whether or not I should buy something beyond, “this is cute and would look good with jeans.” I’d like a potential item’s utility to be the factor that matters the most.

Internetting led me to this Design Sponge interview with Roe of the @BrownKids and I took this away:

Ask yourself three questions when you’re out shopping: 

Do I want this because I cherish it or because I can afford it?

Is this so valuable to me, I would pay 3x as much for it?

Do I want this or freedom?

Don’t buy it because it’s cheap and don’t take it because it’s free. 

This is sage advice I will be carrying with me into the new year along with a fourth question: Can I manage without this? I’m certain the answer to this will always be no.

Another bit I picked up from Roe is the concept of self-honoring. While looking back on my balance sheet and determining whether or not each line item brought me joy or was a way I honored myself, I was unpleasantly surprised by all the spending on things that did neither. More self-honoring in 2018.

I don’t know what happened in the last three months, but I feel the effects of almost everything I do and eat and drink about threefold now. This is heavily influencing what I eat and drink and do. Eat your veggies and exercise, kids.


  • pretaporterp

    “Can I manage without this?” that is what the French 5/20 items taught me.
    in 2018 I want to be one of those people that drink 738457849589 gallons a water for one week and now I look amazing type of people.

    • I love those people. They’re so inspiring in the most unattainable way. LOL.

      I just found the bag of my dreams on ebay and I may have put some unreasonable expectations on myself publicly on the internet. I’m sure I could manage without it, but I don’t want to and I won’t have a bag once the one I have finishes breaking…


  • Archana

    You know what they say : loose the battle, win the war. We are in this optimization for the long run.

    This year, lets try to find some good news to link on our blogs. I am tired of the evil. Lets read empowering books that suggest a course of action.

    • I love that idea. You always have good ones.