Fall Looks

1: VEDA Jayne jacket / NAU scarf / SPLENDID slip dress (on sale!) / SISII sneakers
2: VANESSA BRUNO coat / J  BRAND camisole / CITIZENS OF HUMANITY jeans / RAG and BONE boots
3: DICKIES CONSTRUCT sweater / CÉLINE belt / EARNEST SEWN jeans / RAG and BONE boots
4: VANESSA BRUNO coat / NAU scarf / ALC sweater / CITIZENS OF HUMANITY jeans / ISABEL MARANT boots


A collection of things I wore this week: old standbys and new (soon-to-be) favorites.

I’ve been considering upgrading my phone, solely for the camera…but nah. I don’t want my phone actively listening for me to talk to it.



  • mk

    I’m so jealous your rag and bone booties are still kicking. Mine died the year I got them.

    • Oh god, really!?! What happened? I had a moment where the soles were detaching pretty early on and I had to have a tense conversation with the shoe repair guy.

      • mk

        Yeah, it was the soles and then because I kept wearing them the leather in the front started to wear down. I wore them almost every day. Shoe guy said they were too far gone. I think he tried to reconstruct them with papier mache. Didn’t take:) I was pretty surprised because they are so $$$$ (I got mine at the R&B outlet where they were only $$, not $$$$).

        • That is weird. I put protective soles on pretty early because I’m hard on my shoes but they should have lasted longer than a damn year without them. Terrible!

  • SydTheKyd

    Gorgeous as always. And I’m a sucker for grays!

  • Lo

    Nice outfits! And I love how every time I update, Siri tries to spy on me… My roomie tried the 8 and immediately returned it–said the size/shape was too weird and hard to hold.

    • I believe it. I’ll have this busted 6 forever. LOL.

      Thank you!