Sweater SZN


Bathroom selfies – a hallmark of sophistication.

It’s been two months and I’ve managed to keep to my challenge, albeit skirting the *rules* that I came up with a bit. Case in point, the above sweater was the result of a successful selling trip to Crossroads. No money was exchanged for said sweater, so I didn’t technically buy it. Thus my quest to have a bougie closet on the most shoestring of budgets continues.

I love these little games I play with myself.

Or I’m just playing myself since the original goal was to “calibrate my priorities,” “stop chasing the new,” and “enjoying what I already have.”

*insert appropriate DJ Khaled .gif here*


  • pretaporterp

    well that sweater looks good though

    • I think I wrecked it already trying to hand wash it. x_X

      • pretaporterp

        Oh no! I’ve heard recommendations to use baby shampoo for wools / Cashmere. I see The Laundress wool/cashmere shampoo–pricey but I’ve been using the same bottle for years now. And then I use the hand wash setting on washer, I felt like I was wasting more water and time hand washing myself. Hopefully you can save your sweater!

        • I hope so! I used Eucalan and a basin. Maybe the water was too warm.

          I blocked it to stretch it out, but it twisted even more than it already was (which, I think was a part of the design, but my goodness). I’ll try it on later to see if any of it helped.