MADEWELL duffle bag / CITIZENS of HUMANITY jeans / GUCCI loafers


Captain’s log:

Day 43 of the clothes shopping ban is over. I hesitate to feel like I’ve accomplished anything because I haven’t wanted to buy clothing. Shocking until I realize that I’ve merely supplanted clothing as the collective object of my desire with a weekender duffle bag, Fenty Beauty products, and…plants. Trying to keep this all in check is difficult; not impossible, but difficult. Difficult only because I’m having to reacquaint myself with my triggers. A partial list, in no specific order:

  • things on sale
  • things for which I have some sort of discount
  • things I’ve found below retail
  • shopping with friends
  • plants
  • shiny objects
  • boredom
  • stress
  • irritation
  • any emotion that isn’t generally positive

What’s helping me keep things in *check* is making an effort to budget for these new targets. Saving a little here and there before something captures my attention is keeping me on the mostly straight and sometimes narrow. One can only hope my impulse control strengthens over time.

I am due to go back to Sephora tomorrow to accompany another friend to check out the gifts that Rihanna has bestowed upon us. I live in hope that I will not leave with things I do not need.

Until next time,

I remain.


  • Renee

    You wore the loafers!

    • Finally! It took forever, but it finally happened. LOL

      • Renee

        Are they everything you had hoped? (Also, I can totally relate to not wearing something that was intimidatingly expensive to buy.)

        • They are. I hope I have them for years. So comfortable and they make it look like I tried!

  • pretaporterp

    that duffle sure is handsome though.

    • I’m really surprised with the quality considering the source. I haven’t had much luck there, but this is turning out to be a pretty nice bag. Not sure I’d feel the same about the leather ones, but I dig the waxed canvas.