The sun became a thing again

top made by me / CITIZENS OF HUMANITY jeans / COMMON PROJECTS sandals / THE ROW sunglasses

It’s hot outside and I am thrilled. Time to revisit the list for spring/summer closet preparations that I put together and completely forgot about…

// Dye my light colored high-waist jeans to a medium blue…maybe

I did no do this…mostly because I fell out of love with skinny jeans. It’s too hot and my legs are bigger than they were a few months ago. Shouts out to squats and prowler runs.

// Get supplies to properly clean and waterproof my shoes

Still haven’t done this either. Terrible.

// Reassess the closet contents

This is a constant thing. Lots of things sold and given away and I’m feeling good about the current state of things. I still haven’t worn the loafers.

// Mend/tailor anything that needs mending/tailoring

Yes and no. All the major items are taken care of, but there are some necklaces that I need professional help with.

// Buy a couple of nice, long-wearing spring/summer tops

I finally bought the Elizabeth Suzann Maxine top I mentioned earlier and am impatiently awaiting its arrival. In the meantime, I made the shirt I’m wearing above with a $2.25 fabric remnant (directions are here if you are so inclined!). Summer shirt issues (possibly) resolved!

Side note: if any of you are pressed for a particular ES piece and aren’t too keen about the current 8-10 week lead time, I’d suggest checking out this Instagram page.  You might get lucky (I DID!)

// Find a pair of good jeans

YES. FOUND. WEARING IN PHOTO ABOVE. And I can’t get enough of them. I had the waist taken in (best $15 I’ve spent in a while) and they’re perfect. I want them in a darker wash, too.

If any of you are interested in this style, size down. I’m usually a 28 and had to get a 26 in these…thicker thighs and all. Still not sure how that happened, but I’m rolling with it.



  • Those are some good-looking jeans! Do you ever notice that the day after a leg workout your pants never fit? Or maybe I’m the only one who has this problem.. It’s nice to get a break from skinnies… free the legs!
    I love that message on the mirror, but every time I drive by FM, I read the first word as ‘you’ve’… Thanks for the loafers update.

    • Thank you! Yes, I do notice things are a lot tighter around the thigh after a session. The pump is real!

      And I did that too! It always looked like ‘you’ve’ to me and I’ve done a few double takes. LOL.

      Still haven’t taken them back…I should…but idk why I can’t. They’re so fun to hold and look at! LOL

  • Melissa

    I have a similar body type and ordered those COH Liyas based on your photo. Same or similar wash. LOVE. These are going to be my new, official airplane uniform (I always think mid-rise jeans are going to slip when I’m shoving my bag in the overhead compartment). I’d be wearing them today if it weren’t 1000 degrees outside.

    • YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! I just got another pair in a darker wash. HAD to. I absolutely adore these and I’m glad you like them too!