Getting ready for when the sun becomes a thing again

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There have been a few glimmers of hope that the weather will improve and Portland will once again know what temperatures over 55 degrees feel like. In kind, I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes. In what seems to be a moment of growth, I’ve been a lot less focused on new clothes and more on the ones I have. Hooray for growth.

Let’s be real – I’m still a work in progress. There are many new things but that is another story for another time.

I might make this a regular thing since I did a similar post for fall. We’ll see how that goes in the future, but for now, on to the plans for the elusive Sprummer:

// Dye my light colored high-waist jeans to a medium blue…maybe

On my last list, I mentioned wanting a pair of high-waist, cropped, skinny blue jeans and couldn’t find a pair I liked. I figured since I have a pair that fit really well, I can just dye them. It’s still a consideration at this point (honestly, I don’t want to screw up the color), but I feel this is a better option than buying another pair in this particular cut.

// Get supplies to properly clean and waterproof my shoes

I should have been better about this because it rained a ton this winter. I didn’t see the cobbler nearly as often as I should have and a couple of pairs are worse for the wear (probably a good thing for my wallet since that would have gotten very expensive over the last several months). I plan to get them properly conditioned and then get what I need to take care of them regularly at home.

// Reassess the closet contents

This is an ongoing thing. I’m happy to say that I’ve been making better choices as of late but there are still a few things lingering that shouldn’t be there. Since the seasons are changing, I’m going to take a hard look at the items that have been stored away and decide whether or not they should remain.

// Mend/tailor anything that needs mending/tailoring

Also an ongoing thing. Clothes. Shoes. Jewelry. All of that. I’ve been keeping up with my jeans (so many crotch hole repairs), but there are a few things that have gone neglected for too long.

// Buy a couple of nice, long-wearing spring/summer tops

For several years running, I’ve been using the same few shirts for warmer weather; my favorite scoop neck t-shirts from UO that are no longer sold, a couple of Everlane t-shirts, and a couple of Everlane tanks. The UO shirts after years of wear are now threadbare and uncomfortably sheer. One tank was stained beyond repair. That leaves me with a few holes to fill.

After reading the Elizabeth Suzann post mentioned below, I’ve fallen in love with the brand and am planning to get a couple of tops. The Georgia tee in flax or ivory linen and the Stevie top (which isn’t currently sold, but I’m hoping for the return of) are my top picks. A close second to the Stevie is the Maxine (pictured above).  I only want to add pieces that look nice, are versatile and durable, and are easy to wear so that they are used and used often. These look like they could be the ones and I’m giving myself time to save up for them to make sure they are.

// Find a pair of good jeans

About the above mentioned crotch repairs…  After this 2-3 year run with my main rotation, I’ve decided secondhand jeans are a great idea if you don’t wear jeans as often as I do. I’m pretty sure two pairs are going to completely give out on me in the next couple of months so I’ll be on the lookout for a pair of sturdy, possibly raw denim jeans. The way my lower half is set up, this may not be feasible but I’m willing to humor myself. I’ve heard good things about Imogene + Willie and they have a store in Portland, so I’ll be checking them out soon.

Do you have any closet-themed plans for spring/summer?


  • The Georgia Tee is flax looks soooo good. Don’t even get me started on all the rain and my shoes this year, I’m so over it. If you die your jeans successfully I want to hear about it. I have a pair I’d love to do that to. Also, Everlane is coming out with jeans in the fall. 👌🏼

    • ANDREA. I just went to Imogene and Willie and she gave me jeans and I put them on and they fit perfectly off the rack. I don’t know what sorcery that place is working with but I’m WAY too excited at the fact that they make jeans that fit me OFF THE RACK. They weren’t even super stretchy!!

      Ok that was really aggressive. LOL.

      SO over the rain. I hope summer is really nice and long this year. Also hoping I’m in that Georgia tee because I’m starting to really have a thing for it.

      Will keep you posted on the jeans dyeing adventure…although I had a though about getting some raw jeans and then, when I finally decide to wash them, tossing the light colored jeans in there with them to see where the dye holds. Possibly a terrible idea.

      I didn’t know that about Everlane! I’m trying to not buy jeans on the internet anymore (and tbh, I haven’t had much luck with them outside of sweaters and t-shirts; the pants always fit me strange).

      • Oh man! Did you buy the jeans?! Which style were they? That’s exciting!

        HAHA! Love the dying plan. You know, I’ve had my raw denim jeans for about six months now, and I’ve only washed them once, or maybe twice (I’m getting old and I can’t remember now). You have to be super careful how they dry or they’ll get weird permanent creases. I still love your idea though! Might try it! ><

        Have you tried Everlane's wide leg pants? They are the first and only I've tried by them, and they're pretty amazing. They're a slightly less exaggerated version of Kamm pants (which I'm trying hard not to jones for).

        • I didn’t get them. Honestly, I wasn’t too keen on the wash or the waistband. Only one layer of denim and it seemed flimsy. I want to try the raw ones before I take the plunge; hoping the waistband on those are more substantial.

          And I haven’t tried Everlane’s pants. I have a pair so trying to not double up. I did try their culottes once before and it wasn’t so good an experience. LOL.

  • pretaporterp

    Something I learned from personal experience re: dying denim is that the thread won’t take the dye. But I don’t think it will be a big deal since you want to keep the jeans blue.
    Those Imogene jeans look really nice.

    • Thank you; that is something I hadn’t considered. It may actually be a good thing since I’m not going too far off color like you mentioned. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever get an itch to get crazy with the color.

      I was able to look at an I+W pair up close earlier this week and wasn’t too impressed with the quality. I’ll be going back to see if any of the other styles are made a bit sturdier.