March Roundup

Short update for March, y’all!


I bought trainers because I need to work on my fitness.  Otherwise, I took the month off from shopping to save up for those brogues.

Yep. That’s right. No fashion purchases in the month of March. I knowed there was a gawd somewhere!


Prada sunglasses – I wasn’t getting a ton of wear from these, so I’m shades-less until I re-up at the optometrist’s office.

A couple more things are listed on ebay right now if anyone is so inclined and wears a 39.  Eh?  EH??


Having something to aim for makes this a whole lot easier. Planning feels nice. Not really shopping feels nice. Intention feels nice. I just want to feel nice.


  • duckalicious

    making momma proud!

    • InnyVinny