dress 1 | dress 2

Trying to push boundaries in the most uncomfortable ways possible. And before you ask, I was shopping at night. I make terrible (or completely awesome) decisions when I shop at night. Still not sure on which side of the fence these will land.

I don’t know what’s been feeding my focus on slip dresses lately. I spent some time trolling Hoodwill (which has sucked spectacularly for the past two years…I keep trying to get that old thing back and it is just not happening), but nothing looked right. I ended up checking out Nasty Gal (since they have no fucks to give about seasonality and everything is always sort of…underfabric’ed) and I found a couple that might work given my general aversion to dresses. Styling really is everything because they have me believing that all I need is a beanie and leather jacket over either of these and all will be well.

We’ll see Nasty Gal…we will see.




(I just saw that they’re having a 40% off everything black on Black Friday sale.  OF COURSE THEY ARE. And OF COURSE I re-bought these for the discount.  DUH.)

  • Donna Dorrane

    i can see a beanie and leather jack over the short dress, luv the back of that dress too

    • InnyVinny

      Me too! It’s so purty.