American Retro x Schott jacket | Dr. Martens

I wish I had something uplifting to say about starting the new year, but today feels like every other Tuesday.  When this happens, I look to the book of Ru for inspiration:

2013: Don’t fuck it up. 

  • http://www.chicmodernvintage.blogspot.com/ Tonia B.

    Doc Martens have come a long way. I actually like those! Where did you get ’em?

    • http://www.innyvinny.com/ InnyVinny

      Got em on etsy! I love this shape.

  • Joanna

    Love love love. Love all around.

    True story: the other night I almost ended up in a K-hole freaking out about how EVERYTHING is going to change now that it’s 2013 and I turn (gulp) 30 in less than a week, but then I remembered that the passage of time is manufactured to make us buy beauty creams. IT’S JUST A REGULAR WEDNESDAY.

    • http://www.innyvinny.com/ InnyVinny

      TRUTH. L’Oreal and La Mer will take care of everything.

      And WHEN IS YO BIRT-DAY? And would you like a big booty ho for it? I need to stop making 2Chainz jokes, but I’m excited that ours are so close together.

  • jamboo

    those docs….where can i find them?!

  • http://twitter.com/WendyBrandes WendyBrandes

    I was just admiring that jacket on a website recently.

    • http://www.innyvinny.com/ InnyVinny

      !!! It’s good, guru. Real good.

  • http://www.astylizedhysteria.com A Stylized Hysteria

    You look good. I approve. :)

  • http://twitter.com/amaterialworld Rachel A\\

    you are so fucking cool.