Response Required

I think Yoko Ono is either trolling the fashion world or trying to kill me softly with her men’s collection for Opening Ceremony.  With each successive scroll down the page, item after item after item brings me closer to calling upon Francis Conroy as the Dark Angel to come and collect my soul.  Maybe this is her way of spreading holiday cheer to the world by way of WTFs.  Maybe.

Each of these items was once a humble 40 year old line drawing that, in decades past, was meant for John Lennon to wear.  And since it IS the season of giving (and because I haven’t done one of these in a dog’s age), I have one question for the group:

What would you be most delighted to serve up under your tree / menorah / kinara / Festivus pole for your favorite man?

A: assless pants

B: mesh shirt with shoulder cutouts + fondle-me flat front trousers

C: light bulb bra

D: ball butt hoodie

E: jock strap with LED light

Don’t be shy, people.  I won’t tell your love muffins a thing.


  • This is some of that “let me just see who’s stupid enough to buy it just because I’m Yoko Ono/Jean Paul Gaultier/Karl Largerfeld” shit. But we all Yoko isn’t exactly swimming upstream with the rest of us. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

    • maaan, something in the milk ain’t milk. i refuse to believe she was serious. REFUSE.

  • I appreciate this kind of stuff! I might not be so happy if my boyfriend wanted to wear it, but I appreciate it.

    • not even the bell boobs neck plate? COME ONNNNN!

  • I Am Your People

    *punches the air like Ricky died* THIS CANNOT BE REAL LIFE! I WILL NOT! This isn’t even appropriate for the Pride parade in San Francisco

    • RIGHT?!?! no one would wear this anywhere, ever. WHEREDEYDODISAT?

  • You better believe I’m gifting that LED jockstrap to my husband, okay.

    • Another thing: Don’t the models look like they’re either irked as hell or trying to stifle a giggle? LED Jockstrap Model seems humbly mesmerized, while Seafoam Green Mesh Shirt Model looks like he’s mourning.

      • One more thing: THAT LED JOCKSTRAP IS $200!!!11! O_O

      • I’m sure they were all painfully embarrassed, laughing hysterically, confused as hell, or all three.

  • Gotta love how influential stores would rather do publicity stunts like this instead of working with real designers…but I guess that’s how they get influential, through stunts not taste!

    • STUNT.QUEENS. How do I take OC seriously after this? HOWWWW???

  • Laritusse

    It’s MY party and I’ll show crack if i want to!

  • Just straight up foolishness! #thatisall

  • kips

    I think this is a nice comment on the objectifying bullshit they show women wearing on a catwalk. Once again, Yoko brings the art, the humor, the subtext.
    Please respect the sanctity of my Festivus pole.

    • *ponders*


  • Manny

    I actualy like the fondle me pants!!