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It’s the weekend –  time to kick off your shoes, relax your feet, and party on down to the Xscape beat…wait, what?  On second thought, grab a cup of chai and catch up on some of this week’s “Alicia thinks this is worth” reading:

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Jayne on Fashion vs. Apparel.  I agree with her sentiments.

The Cut’s Charlotte Cowles reads down the latest Prada collection (see it here).

Are we all reading the Adulting blog?  We should be.

Apparently, our clothes are killing us…we all have to go sometime, AMIRITE?

Sarah (not von) posted 10 ways to feel rich over at Yes and Yes.

Totally digging Kelly Wearstler’s window displays.

The L.A. Times did a wonderful write-up on my spirit-animal, Solange.  She looks amazing.

I hate taking joy in the misery of others, but this…this is just…hilarious.

dream hampton and Too $hort discuss his video post for XXL.  Great read.

Here’s to a happy weekend full of fun things and fulfilled dreams.  Or something like that.  =D


  • Dee

    I think I love you. No homo. Lol Your blog is awesome.

    • Alicia


      Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!