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Here are a few things that grabbed my attention this week:

video spotted at Lulu’s

Stylish Thought posted one of my life’s mottos.

The Glamorous Eccentric is blogging again!  I just placed this book in the “to read” queue.

Refinery 29 explains how to shop in a teen store at any age.  That chambray shirt is now mine.

The Glamourai shot a gorgeous video editorial with From Me to You.

12 Surprising Skincare Remedies via BlackGirlLongHair.


The weather outside is far too beautiful for me to be stuck in the office for another hour and a half…I’ll be daydreaming of the weekend.  Have a wonderful one, kiddies!

  • duckalicious

    babe, about those “surprising skincare remedies” … some of them are a little weird and some are straight bullshit. for example, lavender extracts/oils aren’t to be put on the skin as they’re very irritating. and as far as gold is concerned, it doesn’t have any proven benefits for the skin, that’s just a marketing thing. I know these things and it really makes me mad when I read such half-assed bulcrap. sorry about my mini rant, I couldn’t help myself! =)