ALESHA (I mean, COME ON) leather platform Chelsea Boots from asos

Reasons why I purchased these boots:

  • they are my namesake
  • they are black ankle boots
  • they were on sale
  • asos let me pay with Paypal, so it’s not like I was spending *real* money
  • shipping was free

Reasons why my recent purchase of these boots was probably a bad idea:

  • spring is about to begin
  • a very hot and dry summer will soon follow
  • I haven’t touched a shoe with a heel on it since December of 2010

I would blame this lapse of logic on pregnancy, but I’d rather blame Rachel Zoe.

  • http://www.bloodyredanddesired.blogspot.com black panther

    hahahahahhaah, but they look good!
    yeah, i get the summer part.
    buy, ey, if you gotta have them, then you gotta have them.

  • http://www.passionsontopofpassions.blogspot.com antonia

    lol, you’re not the first woman to purchase shoes simply for viewing pleasure.

  • http://www.styleporn.blogspot.com Joanna

    Reason not with yourself…I think your instinct was spot on. These are amaaaaze

  • http://www.stopitrightnow.blogspot.com STOP IT RIGHT NOW

    What am I going to do with you?

  • http://www.thrifteye.blogspot.com eli

    Wear em at home or where you dont have to do much walking :)

    I’m sure the baby wont mind once in a while

  • http://size14fashion.blogspot.com Lois

    And I’m over here selling my heels on ebay. lol

  • http://clandestinecraves.wordpress.com lin

    there is no need to ever explain or make excuses for buying hot shoes, lady!

  • http://lifegivemefashion.blogspot.com veronica

    cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u’ll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  • zy

    the last and most important reason for purchasing them… they’re SESSY!!!! i mean really now, what better reason is there?

  • http://ckparis.blogspot.com chauss

    nice boots,
    yeah, they were calling your name and all…
    xo chauss

  • http://www.bonne-vie.net birdie

    Sexaaaay. Also, please to be not falling off them, mmkay?

  • http://niceandtacky.blogspot.com michele

    Hahaha ‘real’ money. Kind of feels like that huh. Love the shoes, waaaaay too high for me but hawt nonetheless.

  • http://clandestinecraves.wordpress.com lin

    no need to ever explain/justify buying hot shoes, lady :)

  • http://www.shinyupsidedowncrosses.blogspot.com calla

    love them… i doubt you’ll be wearing them in the hot, sweaty summer but they’re so standard that you can tuck them away and just wait til fall/winter- it always comes too fast anyway.

    love your blog, btw :)


  • http://www.amaterialworld.net rachel


    p.s. bbq date, at long last, soon? i keep meaning to ask you. i’m thinkin the next few weeks would be prime ribbin’ time.

  • http://www.joellevandyne.com joelle van dyne

    i think it was a very good purchase! even though summer is coming, that’s a boot you’ll never get sick of. i love the heel.

  • http://fashionurbia.com nikki denim

    All those picture of a pregnant Rachel Zoe in super high heels should have the caption ” Do not try this at home”. I do not know how people like rachel and victoria beckham can prance around in super high stiletto heels while pregnant.

    You can always pull and Oprah and only wear the shoes when sitting.

    Those will be a great fall boot to have.