Jungle Out There



Kill City draped leather jacket
Rossmore necklace
DIY ring
MBMJ boots

So it finally looks like fall around here…mid-December and still pushing 80 degrees.  Just another day out in sunny L.A…

My hair has hit the “awkward length” stage.  I’ll be honest; although fashun declared wearing a head scarf during daylight hours en vogue, it’s been difficult for me to feel comfortable wearing the same thing I sleep in at night out in public.  I’m sure I’ll soon get over it because the shag emerging at the back of my head is just…not cute.


  • http://size14fashion.blogspot.com Lois

    That jacket is the business ! The scarves look great on you, I tried it and I ended up looking like the maid from Gone with the wind.
    .-= Lois´s last blog ..The Big Chop =-.

  • http://www.passionsontopofpassions.com antonia

    i agree. this jacket makes my sick. my eyes are green. and not because i eat alot of vegetables.

  • http://simplychic08.blogspot.com/ simplychic

    looking good!
    .-= simplychic´s last blog ..puffy =-.

  • http://blog.nickienoel.com Nickie Frye

    Love the jacket. I bought a wolf necklace. :) It’s on it’s way!
    .-= Nickie Frye´s last blog ..Need to Breathe =-.

  • http://collegeclutter.blogspot.com/ Toni

    I don’t really see the point of wearing a night scarf out in public either. I told my boyfriend “does fashion know that black people have been doing this for years?”

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia



  • http://www.thrifteye.blogspot.com eli

    ummmm you look amazing here! such a breath of fresh air from all the LA girls looks. This is why I keep coming back to your blog, on top of your awesome sense of humor :)
    .-= eli´s last blog ..Home Sweet Home =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia


      Thanks, Eliiiiiiii!!!

  • http://iplayfaves.blogspot.com Joy D.

    I love your head pieces! I am contemplating contributing to the Sister Wolf fund.
    .-= Joy D.´s last blog ..Baltimore Favorites- Cult Baltimore =-.

  • http://www.dalipstickbandit.com Felicia

    love the new turban..we’re definitely in the same boat as far as the hair..hang in there! :)
    .-= Felicia´s last blog ..thoughts =-.

  • http://longuette.blogspot.com Ylenia

    like me, you have a long list of wishes…I have wrote a letter to Santa…
    finger crossed!!!


    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      X (^_^) X

      Fingers crossed, too!

  • http://www.mediaanditserrors.blogspot.com/ LL

    Believe me, you are making the scarf WORK.
    .-= LL´s last blog ..Present Or Absent =-.

  • http://somuchtocome.blogspot.com Aja

    I wore my Woolf necklace this weekend. Now I just need to do the blog post.
    .-= Aja´s last blog ..Tahiti – Milt Jackson =-.

  • http://stylishthought.com Fajr | Stylish Thought

    Chile, doobie wraps are now the latest in fashion. I know the feeling, like you’re wearing your wrap scarf outside. They look great on you, so rock on!

  • http://wendybrandes.com/blog WendyB

    I’m packing up Little Woolfs to send out today!
    .-= WendyB´s last blog ..Detective Munch Called Me From Lunch! =-.

  • http://deathsexxx.blogspot.com/ death_sexxx

    love the leopard head piece doll
    .-= death_sexxx´s last blog ..independence is happiness- failure is impossible - =-.

  • http://www.stopitrightnow.blogspot.com STOPITRIGHTNOW

    Oh hayyy Ms. Ambrooooose! Oh I’m just throwing some leaves around looking all kinds of cute.
    .-= STOPITRIGHTNOW´s last blog ..TOUCH =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      Totally staged leaf throwing. TOTALLY.

  • http://missjaneys.blogspot.com/ Miss Janey

    Can a gal be gorgeous AND bad-ass all at once? Love the entire looking- dying form the scarf. DYING!!!
    .-= Miss Janey´s last blog ..Hmmm =-.

  • http://www.whatisrealityanyway.com/ krystal

    miss you!
    .-= krystal´s last blog ..Obesity and Speed =-.

  • http://www.styleporn.blogspot.com Joanna

    Girl please, you know you could rock a broke-ass lacefront from the dollar bin and I’d still swoon. I’m loving those boots. They look like the kind of joints you could literally wear every day and they’d look good with everything. I love shit like that.
    .-= Joanna´s last blog ..shiny buckles =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      I ripped the heel that day. Damn near cried. I think I’ll cry now.


  • http://ckparis.blogspot.com chauss

    not just anyone can pull off a leopard tiara
    you are so adorable!!!!
    xo chauss
    .-= chauss´s last blog ..ckparis – Y3 hat and leopard jacket =-.

  • http://livelovela.blogspot.com neekoh

    I seriously love your turbans/”turbands” and seriously appreciate the tutorial you did. It makes even a simple outfit extra chic. And you know I’m all about simplicity and chicness.
    Anyway, here’s to cooler weather and rain this weekend!! :D

    .-= neekoh´s last blog ..love like winter =-.

  • http://www.nodiscount.com.au/blog Nadia

    Even though it probably won’t suit me AT ALL, you have officially inspired me to try and wear a turban head scarf thing. The leopard is perfect, as are them damn fine boots! xxx
    .-= Nadia´s last blog ..Tee Shirt and Shorts =-.

  • http://say-bleurgh.blogspot.com Onyxsta

    http://say-bleurgh.blogspot.com loves the ring and head candy….yum @ the way great accesories can just round up a look like that!!

  • http://www.profreshstyle.com Christina of Profresh Style

    I’m pretty sure everything about this look is fantastic! Love the headscarf, love the shoes, that jacket is crush-worthy and we NEED TO MEET! lmao.

    I’m coming to LA, again lol. So let’s meet up then!! <3

    .-= Christina of Profresh Style´s last blog ..MBFW IS AROUND THE CORNER- WHAT AM I WEARING =-.

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  • http://fashoenistasunite.blogspot.com Cheryl Lynn

    I found your blog through The Fashion Loving Stylist, Lenya Jones. I already love your blog because of that jacket!

    I could never wear my scarves like that for fear of looking like the maid in GWTW’s mother. LOL.

    Your outfit is very cute and I simple LOOOOOVE those glasses!
    .-= Cheryl Lynn´s last blog ..Beads- Sparkles- and Curves- OH MY! =-.