…oh, Slate…

Slate decided to post an article about “How Black People Use Twitter” (shouts out to @ManAboutIt for providing the link).


I’m sure this was all based on actual research (because we need to fund worthy research projects in this economy), and that the title of the article itself was meant to generate “discussion,” but damn.  I’ve said it once and I will say it again:


I managed to make it to the end of the article where a bail-out attempt is made in the “of course this isn’t all black people” vein.

Ahh, redemption…

I’m still not sure whether this is a surreptitious attempt to talk about class differences in America or if the writer really, REALLY thinks that what *some* black folks have to say on Twitter is THAT interesting…then again, I don’t usually participate in trending topics or do “the Twitter” into the wee hours of the morning, so what do I know?

Either way, I’ve taken the graphic used for the article, a brown bird holding a blackberry and wearing a fitted baseball cap, and altered it a few times over.  I figure that if Slate and the world are really that intrigued (and because Twitter can’t provide empirical data on who is who), those individuals who want to be identified as a black person using Twitter should be able to do so with a brown bird wearing a fitted cap in a color that best represents them.

UPDATE: I seem to have gotten a bit carried away…birds now available in more than fitted caps!  ON SPINNING RIMS EVEN!!

Feel free to use these at will.  Need a larger file?  Email me.

tweetPinkjpg tweet_yellow tweet_tan tweet_purple tweet_orange tweet_grey

tweet_green tweet_red

tweet_black tweet_yankee

tweet_bknati tweet_afro

tweet_spinners tweet_wavecap

tweet_grad tweet_kanyeshag

tweet_wrap tweet_swoopbang

And since I got chewed out by night’s end, here is one for my lighter skinned peeps:


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd more from today…I’m stopping after this, I promise.  These are the special requests that I pledged to fulfill.  If I didn’t get to yours, I am sorry…

tweet_hitopfade tweet_ONABOAT

tweet_rickjames tweet_patra

tweet_prince tweet_mets

tweet_brunchhard tweet_sox

UPDATE 8/12: I can’t believe I’m still making these…

tweet_pootietang tweet_janellemonae


I’m laughing with a supreme side-eye on my face (a la Latifah):

Just to be clear, I’m not crying racism…I just think this piece could have been thought through a bit more…or written in a style that wasn’t trying to provoke a response…like this one…

Awwwwwwwwww shit.

Well played, Slate.  Well played.


UPDATE:  Since this article was based largely on what I believe to be “some BOOLSHYT,” feel free to take a brown bird even if you aren’t…brown.  LOL.  They are cute.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A post on this…article…that I really enjoyed is over at Black Snob.  It’s basically everything I wanted to say, but was too busy to say because I was having way too much fun with Photoshop.

AND ANOTHER UPDATE: my good friend over at Stop It Right Now has contributed a bird.  Anyone else who wants to make one, do it and I’ll post it here.   =)


From  @karsh:

bald_browntwitterbird ltskin_browntwitterbird dreadlocked_browntwitterbirdmohawkglasses_browntwitterbird

From @CorporateBarbie (yes, it’s Aretha’s Inauguration hat):

More Aretha hat action from Tiffany:


From @revizion:

browntwitterbird_-_oldspice browntwitterbird_-_on_a_horse



browntwitterbird_-_stevie browntwitterbird_-_stevie2

MICHAEL JACKSON via @Jewelz1132:


Via Ahnubis:

twitterBird twitterBird_Locs2


ANTOINE DODSON via @Illumistrations:


Via @bfnh:


Via @LidiaAnain (heaven, I need a hug):

Via @ashlucio:


Via @seanpadilla by @thatladyj:


via @Ravan_A (for the highly underrepresented black goth community):


Via @BabylonSista by @thatladyj:


GRACE JONES via @iamthenublack:


Via @huny:


Don King via Gwen:

Via @JayStayPlayed:


Via @blacktating:


Via @VanitySnob (who stole my soul and sent it up yonder…Montana Fishburne/ChippyD):



Update…in 2013…because these are still somehow relevant…



R. Kelly at the 2013 BET Awards.



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  • http://ravanoid.blogspot.com/ RavanA

    Awesome graphics! I need to grab a plain one, make it purple, and dress it goth.

    Slate has just got it’s head inserted on this one, IMO. If anything it’s more an urban subculture thing (age, location, peer group) that a race or color thing. But what do I know, I’m just an old fart.

  • http://www.beezandhunny.com Beez

    This has become such fun! Kudos to you! 😀
    .-= Beez´s last blog ..Confessions of a Master Procrastinator =-.

  • http://twitter.com/ahnubis Ahnubis

    lol kudos, these are pretty damn funny
    .-= Ahnubis´s last blog ..ahnubis- @InnyVinny Sure go right ahead- lol =-.

  • http://nunezdaughter.wordpress.com Kismet

    ahhhh boy! i hereby dub the black graduate twitter bird my new favorite thing. #success #ohwasthathashtagtooblack?

    Thanks for this.

    Tossed some thoughts down over on my blog that linked to yours, just as fyi: http://nunezdaughter.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/dozens-blacktags-and-other-ish-black-people-do/
    .-= Kismet´s last blog ..Dozens- “Blacktags” and Other Ish Black People Do =-.

  • Nathan Young

    I wrote an editorial that addresses alot of the concerns raised in your post and posts like it.

    Give it a read if you like over at:


    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      I saw. Briefly commented…and going back for a little bit more. I agree with you.

  • Curlymisfit313

    Look at us black folk talking to each other and our tight knit groups! LOL Gotta love the brown birds though…classic work innyvinny :-)

    follow me: curlymisfit313

  • deb

    This is sooo funny. I particularly like the last one with the watermelon, the fried chicken and the boom box. If it were anymore stereotyped it would be in jail with 3 baby mommas and no job.

    too funny.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      And tattoos…and a chain…

      • deb

        and a mix tape he wants to sell you along with some drugs.

  • http://culturecynic.blogspot.com chomy

    lMAOOOOOO . You are really GOING IN I SEE!!

    ‘Slade imma let you finish but my Homie Vinny had the best blog post of all time ALL TIME!’
    .-= chomy´s last blog ..Jungle Ville =-.

    • http://culturecynic.blogspot.com chomy

      .-= chomy´s last blog ..Jungle Ville =-.

      • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

        Most of these are folks on Twitter. THEY ARE GOING INNNN!!!

  • http://clandestinechic.com Sheena

    I had to add Aretha, girl. Thank you!!!
    .-= Sheena´s last blog ..Count Me In- 13 Threads =-.

  • http://www.profreshstyle.com christina of profresh style

    ya you’re fucking amazing for this.
    where’s the bi-racial bird at? lmao 😉

    .-= christina of profresh style´s last blog ..Feature- Work It- Bloggers =-.

    • http://twitter.com/Ravan_A RavanA

      How’s this:

      “Biracial” twitter bird, with tongue firmly in cheek http://twitpic.com/2dtxu8

  • irevamp

    I wanted to point out that the redemptive “this isn’t all black people” part at the end was more than just a throw-away – it was 3 paragraphs of caveats. But… that said, if your article (on any topic) needs 3 paragraphs of caveats at the end, maybe you better do more/better real research and rewrite from the beginning!

  • http://ofrenda.org gwen
  • http://revasseur.com queengilda

    those birds that people sent in are hilarious. i need a yellow one since i’m asian. i guess that’s the next article they’re writing about and how all our twitpics are with peace-signs.

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  • http://hellodrunky.tumblr.com kit von b.

    You are god.

    That is all.

  • voz

    Nursing #blacktwitterbird with chick, by request:


  • maymajesty

    These are hilarious thanks!!!

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  • http://embraceyouragecauseyoulivin.blogspot.com/ Ann

    How bout a #blacktwitterbird for white people who profess to “get it,” feel left out, and want to appropriate!
    .-= Ann ´s last blog ..Voting makes me cry =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      Pick whichever one you want! =D

      • http://embraceyouragecauseyoulivin.blogspot.com/ Ann

        You got more! I’m updating! A light skinned girl! Squee!
        .-= Ann´s last blog ..browntwitterbird =-.

        • http://embraceyouragecauseyoulivin.blogspot.com/ Ann

          Oh and IRL I would totally rock those Nikes. Blonde hair, glasses, it’s me. Gotta get near some photoshop. Bout fell over at the Stevie brown bird.
          .-= Ann´s last blog ..browntwitterbird =-.

  • http://TheDuchchess May

    Lol This is ridiculously awesome!! Need one on a Tee asap! The Old Spice of course! lol

    – p.s been stalking your awesomeness from a distance for a while now – keep blogging and i’ll keep stalking 😛

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  • http://ifeluvsu.blogspot.com Eboni Ife

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! at these brown birds with fitted caps…. They are killin me… I mean I am about to get fired at work because I am laughing so hard OUT LOUD! I haven’t even read the article yet, so I will come back with a comment of substance later, but these birds!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
    .-= Eboni Ife´s last blog ..Fall Floral &amp Denim Cutoffs =-.

  • http://ifeluvsu.blogspot.com Eboni Ife

    OMG!!!! Just saw the light-skinned-ed tweep! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    .-= Eboni Ife´s last blog ..Fall Floral &amp Denim Cutoffs =-.

  • http://www.tessism.com Tessism

    I love this…well played. The making of a meme…

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  • Robert Gordon

    Someone must offer these “#blacktag Birds” on merchandise (cups, t-shirts, tattoos, whatever). I will buy any product that has one of these birds on it (especially if the bird has a black Oakland Raiders cap on).

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  • http://culturecynic.blogspot.com chomy

    LISH lets get these on some TEEs ASAP!!! i kid you not….Get on it Homz!!
    .-= chomy´s last blog ..Grind Music- See Me Now =-.

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  • http://thewholestylenetwork.com/2010/08/09/coca-cola-sued-for-vitaminwater-health-claims/ Ellie Di

    I can’t believe how big this got! (Wait, yes I can). It’s weird that a lot of people have taken it to an extreme where people are making themselves kinda look bad, but whatevs! Still supporting (and downloading the new birdies)!
    .-= Ellie Di´s last blog ..Paper Cranes for Peace at Hiroshima =-.

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  • Kim_Berella

    You’re killing me!
    LOVE cb4 and puff_tweegro!!

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  • iamDahlingNikki

    Umm wow at all the birds. Hilarious!

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  • http://www.noladarling.com Alex

    Slow death by laughter!!!! Thank YOU!

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  • http://www.addictedtoallthingspretty.com Krissy90220

    :: sings :: Romantic Call

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia


  • ha

    Ha – the USA is soooo boring and insular, you think this is like an actual thing to actually write about and ‘have an opinion’ on when your fucking country is in free-fall and you are engaged in two wars abroad – too much.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      Please take that up with the political bloggers. I write about what I want to write about and the war is not one of them. If you’d like to give us your Canadian perspective, feel free to do so on a post that’s relevant…which wouldn’t be here.


  • Danno

    Janelle Monae one is soo cute

  • JAD

    Dear fellow HUMAN BEINGS.Enough is enough.Your all idiot’s.We share the same heritage,DNA,blood type;differing only due to an evolved immune process to protect from disease;(IE:Cicle Cell(sP).Our organs are inter-changable,remember,:that old saying-“PARTS IS PARTS”?Our progeny can procreate because there is “NO SUCH THING AS RACE”.If you mix the human colors,you get another “HUMAN BEING”.We are all,EVERY LAST ONE,cut from the same DNA material;we only differ in pattern ,NOT cut,according to our geography.
    Race is a PHYLOSOPHY not a CATAGORY!!. It is used as justification to red-line,in bigotry & racism. Governments,cultures,societies,
    use the “PHYLOSOPHY” of race to hold down groups of people they consider inferior.Get a clue.When a form asks what”RACE” you are,write….HUMAN BEING.Junk like the “BIRD” stuff,is inconsequential unless you the “HUMAN BEING” agree that it defines you as a catagory.My forefathers where from Sicily.It is located directly across from Africa.I am catagorized “WHITE”because I am fair.However,my father whose jet black curly hair sat on a body that was brown as shoe leather.It’s a short ride from the shores of Sicily/Africa and than as now,everybody fucks when they can!! I am a HUMAN BEING,NOT A CATAGORY & in my world,most birds fly,no matter what color they are. JAD

    • http://blog.nickienoel.com Nickie Frye

      I tend to agree. I think it’s helpful to focus on our similarities & celebrate them. Focusing on what makes us different tends to further divide people & it makes everyone weak. Race-Schmace. It’s a non-issue for me.
      .-= Nickie Frye´s last blog ..Ghost Town =-.

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  • Seyi

    LOL. The bald one looks like Micheal Kyle Snr…