…in dreams…

On Wednesday night I had a dream that I was in a Nintendo store watching a vogue competition between Benny Ninja and fLocke from Lost.  There were blue lights going diagonally across the room, and all I could hear was “POSE! POSE! POSE!” as faces would appear over them.  The competition was INTENSE; I don’t remember there being a clear winner.

My only wish as I write this is that I could somehow recreate that scene for you all to see.  This blurb is doing it NO justice.  The closest I can get for now is this clip of Benny doing his thang-thang in 2007:

Now imagine that, with more people and this dude:

Ok, ok…now add NES, SNES and DS consoles on the walls, diagonal blue lights, a couple of strobes, and me wearing an expression that combines awe, confusion, and wonderment.

These are the things that go on in my mind, people.  These are the things that go on in my mind.

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  • http://breakfastatsaks.blogspot.com Ashley

    Ooo I am liking what I see at DRKGMTRY, very nice! And your dream sounds *awesome*, I wish I had dreams half as cool as that. Mine are always just extremely stressful and I wake up with another ulcer, haha!
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    Congrats on the new line! Pretty damn fab; totally the aesthetic I’m into… my fella is nagging me to curb my spending, but I’m tempted!
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    LMAO! I’m on a Lost marathon (only barely finishing season 2) and for some reason I can SO see your Benny Ninja/Locke dream!
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