…and I’m back…


I needed a break.  I really did.  The compulsive email & Twitter checking along with monitoring the etsy store like a hawk with OCD and nothing else better to do were driving me crazy.  How I even got to the point where I was manually refreshing three different windows in 30 second, 5 minute and 15 minute intervals is beyond me.

Yeah, it was a problem…folks wonder why I don’t have a Blackberry.  Can you imagine?!?!

For the last week, I gave myself no more than an hour and a half each day for what is usually 7+ hours of bullshit browsing, blog-reading, and all the other stuff I delude myself into believing is necessary and important.  Amazingly, my head didn’t explode and my urge to constantly be connected has waned.


Sooooooooooo, how have you been?

Me?  I’ve gone about 80% vegetarian, have vowed to only shop at local farmers markets, and am never eating at a fast food restaurant again.  Blame Food, Inc. Better yet, buy/rent Food, Inc and join me.

  • http://jesseanneo.blogspot.com jesse.anne.o

    That’s awesome. Congrats on your foodstuffs changes!
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  • http://derherzen.blogspot.com Die Konigin Der Herzen

    Needing to internet detox, stat.
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  • http://www.daniellescruggs.blogspot.com Danielle

    Hello! I was on a Twitter and Facebook sabbatical myself. Still haven’t reactivated my Facebook account. Just started posting on the Twitter yesterday. Been doing a lot of baking, writing, and photo-taking.

    I feel you on Internet detoxing. I’ll probably do it again soon enough.
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  • http://www.thefashionlovingstylist.blogspot.com Lenya Jones

    Glad you are back

  • http://s.rvxn.org sui

    Completely know what you mean about internet detoxing. I sometimes spend the whole day doing those things and refreshing compulsively, and then wonder why I end up not really “doing anything”, aka living.

    I’m starting to cut back too, at least.

    And I feel you on the food! Congrats! I’m eating 90% raw/vegan these days, but I’m not strict on myself because I like to be flexible and I get antsy when I put food rules on myself. But when I do eat meat = grass-fed, organic & local all the way! :D

    Food Inc. is great. I’m glad it was able to inspire&change :] For more food lit read –> Fast Food Nation, In Defense of Food, Food Rules (actually haven’t read this one myself yet..), or especially The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which took me like 9 months to plow through but was so worth it.

    Damn high fructose corn syrup. Haha. :]

    Glad you’re back though!
    .-= sui´s last blog ..words you can trust =-.

  • http://rockandcouture.blogspot.com RockandCouture

    I feel you :) Glad your back though.

    Congrats on the Vegetarian thing. I have been a Vegetarian my whole life. I have serious animal food allergies… (dad had to give me 2-3 shots per day)

    Let me know if you ever need tips or support :)
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  • http://iamquean.blogspot.com pennerad

    i need a life detox. any suggestions on how to carry that one out?
    luvvin’ the cowl/head piece/thingy.
    you’ve got a nice head, yo.
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  • http://clandestinechic.com Sheena

    Welcome back! Missed ya, but I definitely understand what you mean. It helps to shut everything off (Twitter, blogging, email) and just chill out for a few days. I always find it’s easier to come back with some inspiration.

    And congrats on being 80% vegetarian! I should watch Food Inc., but I’ll admit that I’m scared.

    P.S.I love your scarf!

  • http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2010/02/virtual-sale-today/ WendyB

    I keep wanting to take an internet break…but so much of my biz is online, I guess I can’t really.
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  • http://apparellel.blogspot.com/ apparellel

    i agree. it’s important to take yourself away from all of this over stimulation. it’s so addicting though! my husband and i are so addicted to our computers and our iphones that even when we are together, we aren’t together. so i finally had to say “hey we need a date nite, where we don’t pick up our iphones or get on the comp. just be with each other.” it’s a huge distraction. so good for you!

    hey, break out your “fancy pants”!!

    .-= apparellel´s last blog ..fancy pants. =-.

  • http://www.styleamor.com/ Glendy

    Hola! How are you? Girl I’ve done the same thing after my last show on Friday I was like I need a break from twitter and my blog, although Im back now but Im not all over twitter like a crackhead last week lol.

    I’m glad you’re shopping local, we should make a Food, Inc. Blog group and spread the word! lol. I am tempted to subtitle that movie in Spanish and hand it out for free at the Latin Supermarkets, can you believe Food Inc. is not available in Spanish?! Many Latin American people don’t know the truth behind this crappy food and that’s why we’re the highest group with diabetes, OMG the other day I started preaching about organic at a local supermarket and I almost got kicked out LMAO.

    Anyway sweety, I’m glad to see you’re doing well, it’s always great to hear from ya :)

    Much love and hugs,
    Glendy <3
    .-= Glendy´s last blog ..Closet Confidential: H&M Spring Prints Mash-Up =-.

  • http://firstresponseblog.blogspot.com/ charles

    i’m impressed with your food change! i’ve been a pescatarian for about 5 years now and i love it, it made me feel a lot healthier. I never really ate fast food in general (less than 1x every two or three years) and try to do most of my shopping at health stores :)
    i’ve seen most documentaries on food out there & read a lot too, Michael Pollen’s ‘Omnivore’s Dilemna’ really got to me and so did Jonathan Saffron Foer’s book on vegetarianism. I love fish, eggs, & milk too much though to ever become fully veg/vegan.
    .-= charles´s last blog ..Blue Friday : Today’s Outfit =-.

  • http://itsallrelative.blogetery.com trE

    Welcome back! Let me tell you, once you actually allot sometime for yourself to spend on the computer and only that time, you realize just how much of that time you were spending before was really unnecessary. I allot about 1 to 2 hours for “computer time” during the weekdays, most days, I don’t even reach that 1 hour mark… It’s a big change from when I would spend about 5 hours or more on the computer after a work day as well… BIG change. LOL… Loving the casual head-wrap look as well on you too lady…
    .-= trE´s last blog ..feeling like (-)$1Mill =-.

  • http://the-coveted.com jennine

    good for you! really… i have been meaning to do that for ages, but still have to put in long days on the blogs…. it’s time to crack down on that.
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