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…anything to continue the momentism of the glorificationalisation…. More is never enough!


As usual, I’m late to the fawning over ___ party, but damn if I didn’t nominate this woman as my new (well, only) style guru.

Catherine Baba is rocking my world.  So much so that I made myself a turban-esque head dressing and threw it on along with my printiest of print dresses, a kimono/haori, three gold necklaces, a fuzzy jacket and heels.

DIY turban
gifted jacket
vintage haori and dress
Refuge jeans
Aldo shoes
Stoned & Hammered necklaceWhite Fang necklace (both available in the etsy store!), vintage necklace of ridiculous proportions

I felt right wearing this today…I felt right.  Basic jeans and a draped tee just seem so boring now.

The headgear DIY tutorial is forthcoming.

  • http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2010/02/virtual-sale-today/ WendyB

    You’re California casual PLUS Sunset Boulevard glam!
    .-= WendyB´s last blog ..Virtual Valentine’s Day Sale Is Today! =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      *cries tears of joy*

  • http://www.thefashionlovingstylist.blogspot.com Lenya Jones

    She is my Style Mentor. LOVE that woman. Late or not, at least you are on the wagon.
    .-= Lenya Jones´s last blog ..My Mother – Styled by Me =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      GIRL! I love her!!!

  • http://www.wicked-whimsy.com/ Michelle

    I LOVE the lipstick you’re wearing. And your vintage necklace of epic proportions = made of win!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Daily Outfit 2/5/10 =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      I <3 you because you say things like that.

      The lippy stuff is Urban Decay in “Gash”

  • http://brandybwine.blogspot.com brandy

    I like this outfit alot.

  • http://derherzen.blogspot.com Die Konigin Der Herzen

    This gets two thumbs up.

  • http://modediktat.de Modediktat

    Dear Alicia,
    great behind-the-blog feature on Dream Sequins today!! I was visiting your blog time-by-time but this is my first visit with leaving a comment… Tadaaaa ;)
    I love Catherine Baba, too! And of course the unique Wendy made the most funniest comment about her on my posting: “She looks so glamorous in her turbans! I wonder if she has any casual day turbans. Turbans for going to the gym and turbans for going to galas.”
    I love all CB’s vintage items so very much. Just fabulous!

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      OOH! Wouldn’t that be hilarious??! Baba in the gym with a sweat turban on! LOL!

  • http://brunchatsaks.blogspot.com Brunch at Saks

    Just found you from your guest post at Dream Sequins. Love love love your blog and the fact that we’re LA neighbors :) Looking forward to reading more XOXO
    .-= Brunch at Saks´s last blog ..Red Letter Words & Pink Pig =-.

    • http://innyvinny.com Alicia

      Thanks babe! LA Bloggers need to unite like Voltron. =D

  • http://brunchatsaks.blogspot.com Brunch at Saks

    Oops so sorry- not sure how my last blog posted on the comment! Sorry!

  • http://www.versitilesimplicity.blogspot.com Tamika

    LOOOVE the turban, I have been wanting to rock one for the longest time now lol.. I think I will give it a try soon

  • http://merc80.com Merc80

    Yo, you look fly as hell in those pics. You got STYLE.
    .-= Merc80´s last blog ..After the Mourning… =-.

  • http://quirkyfashion.com Alice

    Found your blog via Dream Sequins! Love you jewellery and you style is so cool. Great layering on this post!
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..Tumble Dryer Fashion =-.

  • http://autumndiva.blogspot.com yolanda

    The layering is nice, it adds a bit of complexity to your look. Lovely.

    Wonderful blog; by the way.


  • http://clandestinechic.com Sheena

    I love the Catherine Baba inspiration! It’s totally inspired, but you are definitely owning it! And I love your turban and how you are wearing it! I have one, but I haven’t worn it yet, because I felt like it just looked too awkward on me.
    .-= Sheena´s last blog ..High Brow Conversation: My Interview with Benefit Brow Specialist, Lagena Cain =-.

  • http://www.astylizedhysteria.com a stylized hysteria

    Okay, I was a little freaked out when I saw the turban, but damn does it look good on you. So what’s the deal with the fauxhawk? Cause I still think you’d rock it!
    .-= a stylized hysteria´s last blog ..You Move Like Music with Your Style =-.

  • http://apparellel.blogspot.com/ apparellel

    adore! she is such an inspiration!

    .-= apparellel´s last blog ..g’s up navajo’s down. =-.

  • shanice

    when i found out about her i done the same thing got making a turban from a scarf down to a tee lol. My family arent a fan of my turban obssession but i am.