On Coats

Emerson Fry Coats

EMERSON FRY High Neck Shell and Ryan Coat

If the Pacific Northwest has taught me anything, it’s the value of a good coat. In my former life, when 60 degrees was considered cold and umbrellas were a thing, outerwear was for look only. Deep into my second winter here, function is really what I’m after (with a considerable portion of form).

I don’t have a ton of coats (read: long-ish, keeps me warm and/or dry, not made of leather) and half of them are made by Emerson Fry. I’ve mentioned the brand a few times before over the years and still consider them a favorite. Reasons? Their girl always looks great, quality is amazing, they produce their clothes in the US, and they have amazing sales. Case in point, I got both of these for around 70% off retail.*

If you haven’t already, get on their mailing list. The patient will be rewarded with notifications from the online outlet store and end of season closeout deals. .

* There are still some coats that you can snag through this “not supposed to be live” link. If you’re eyeing a Ryan coat, SIZE DOWN.


Thoughts to Think



The consumer marketplace encourages us to live by a utilitarian calculus, to satisfy our desires and lose sight of the moral stakes involved in everyday decisions. The noise of fast and shallow communications makes it harder to hear the quieter sounds that emanate from the depths. We live in a culture that teaches us to promote and advertise ourselves and to master the skills required for success, but that gives little encouragement to humility, sympathy, and honest self-confrontation, which are necessary for building character.

David BrooksThe Road to Character

2015 in Review

5 Stages of Grief by Nayyirah Waheed

The Five Stages of Grief by Nayyirah Waheed

2015 was an extremely trying and bittersweet year. There were some highs and plenty of lows. I found a new appreciation for lipstick and supporting small businesses.  My boy turned 4 and I saw a lot of nature things. Made new friends and built with old ones. I read a pile of books and placed a pen to journal pages with some regularity. There was a lot of crying and clothes shopping and abstaining from clothes shopping. I decided to make room for magic and yoga and weight-lifting and good food and bad decisions. I sucked at relationship mending but learned how to say no. I attempted to not be passive and failed many times. Sometimes I succeeded. I learned that I often don’t like hearing the truth as much as I enjoy telling it.

If I made resolutions, my single one for next year would be to make it look nothing like this one.

Happy New Year, everyone. Onward and upward.


Sweater Weather


EVERLANE donegal cashmere turtleneck and chunky knit crew

Everlane is great for providing more layers for me to gawk at as these temperatures hover around freezing.

I’m learning the importance necessity of wool and cashmere and beanies and gloves and jackets that aren’t supposed to only look good. Who knew!?  Also, I’m learning that the cost for these things is astronomical unless it’s ebay. Anyone want to put something on a sweater for me? Can we all go in on one and mail it around? How do we make this happen?