P333: Week 3


Still no brown sandals.

No worries though. I’m not as pressed about them as I was last week because the Dicker boots are becoming the real MVP.

Since I usually favor a black shoe over anything else, these usually sit on the rack. Now that I’m down to a few select pairs (and because shoes should have a couple of days to ‘rest’ after you wear them), I’m reaching for them a lot more than ever before. And you know what? They’re working out just fine. They’re comfortable as hell and have made me reconsider making an additional sub-in for the season.

That, friends, is progress.

Besides, that money is better served for my growing list of maybes to get for fall (or investing…or student loan payments…whatever…). Since there is time to consider how things will work for the next go ’round, I’m thinking about what I have and what I could potentially add to get the most out of those things. Praise whomever came up with Pinterest because I don’t know how else I’d keep track.

On the home front, I got rid of some the boy’s old toys and unfucked my bathroom and hallway closet. I really should have taken before and after pictures; shit got REAL yesterday. The purge is spreading. MUAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA!




The Joy of Less

Last week, I borrowed The Joy of Less from the library in hopes that it will keep me focused on getting rid of things instead of constantly adding them. It’s a nice counterweight to the wishlist-esque posts of below. It’s all about balance, people.

Anyway, I’m a third of the way into it and want to throw out half of my household’s possessions. I’m told this response is completely normal.

A few things have stuck out to me and I hope I can remember them moving forward:

- everything that you own should be either beautiful or functional

- you shouldn’t try to recreate the outside world inside your living space

- try not to accumulate things; replacing them for something better is fine  

- if you want to get something new, but can’t think of something you want to get rid of to allow room for it, skip it

- pick your favorites and toss the rest

All fairly standard pieces of advice, but they bear repeating. Several times.

If any of you are interested in the whole minimalism thing and haven’t already read about it 386 times on the internet, check it out. It’s pretty motivating.

Project 333 | Fall Planning

It’s two months away, but I already have my mind set on the colors and items I’d like to incorporate into next season’s clothing edit.

I’ve been using the approach I learned about on Into Mind, first making mental notes on things that are jumping out at me…you know…instead of buying them and returning them later. I keep forgetting to reset my Pinterest password, so I’m dumping everything here. Enjoy.


adidas-orchid-firebird-tt-w-jacke-schwarz-1610-zoom-0 madewell-lookbook-25.nocrop.w1800.h1330-612x728

Madewell vibes + that Adidas jacket

Ok, I reset the password. The board is here if anyone is interested.

muscle tank | khaki shorts


Everlane Langley tank top & sandals, shorts from D

I don’t think I’m going to count jewelry in the next 33 item edit. I have a necklace that would have really set this shirt off on the left, but it isn’t on the list of approved items. Terrible.

We took the boy and his cousins to the OC Fair on Saturday. I wasted an opportunity to eat a pickle and corn dog hybrid, but managed to eat part of a deep fried, bacon wrapped churro that had been soaked in Jack Daniels. I’m not sure I made the best decision.


P33(1): Week 2


I’m happy to report that the project is no longer feeling like a project and more like normal. I could get into this  minimalist thing.

Although it’s only been two weeks, I can see the shortcomings in my edit for this season; the color palette is very limited and there isn’t enough variety in the shoes. Since this is a trial run, I’m allowing some substitutions so that I can continue through the rest of the summer and forward - Byaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Besides the two tank tops I recently bought, I’m looking for a pair of flat, brown sandals. I’m having a bit of trouble deciding on which ones to get, but these are the top contenders:

Joie ‘Sable‘ – neutral AND shiny, made in Italy, all leather; price is ridiculous
J. Crew ‘Malta‘ – same as the above, but only half leather and half the price
Birkenstock ‘Arizona‘ - because, the internet
Everlane Slingback – naturally…but they’re out of my size…
Woman by Common Projects ‘Minimalist Sandal’ – I know, I know; they’re sold out anyway, let me dream!

I’m not quite sure how this is going to pan out, but I’m keeping an eye open just in case a suitable and reasonable option comes along. If that happens, another item will be rotated out to make room. Forced simplicity is a beautiful thing, man.

It sounded like a couple of folks were looking to get in on Project 333 last week. Any progress? Tell me!