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EVERLANE sweatshirt / ACNE jeans / CÉLINE sandals

Sometimes I forget what the actual goal is.

I had a moment today where I was jolted back into reality by a blog post over at 12:04.  And as much time as I’ve spent trying to figure out my modes and motives and reasons behind seasons of shopping vs. seasons of fashion asceticism, I still forget what the actual goal is.

When I find myself in the throes of a shopping season, it’s difficult to step back and remind myself of the larger point of the pursuit. Why do I want this? Is this thing going to help or hinder me in some way? Why does it matter so much that I get this? These are simple questions and should be easy to remember, but the prospect of getting “that ___ I’ve been looking for/waiting for/longing for” can be very distracting.

I’m trying to not be so rough on myself about it (it’s all part of the journey that everyone talks about being on, right?!?), but I still find it hard to blur that line between knowing better and doing better.  And ultimately, that is the goal; to know what I should be doing and have my actions measure up.

And this goes well beyond the context of clothing. The same applies in all other areas of my life, I’d say. I want to have only what I love and use so I don’t feel encumbered by the maintenance and storage of the excess.  I want to have things that feel very me, and I want to be unbothered by the constant deluge of new things that are begging to be bought. I want to appreciate enough because I have enough.

But that’s easy to forget when I need a hat because I hear winter gets cold and rainy here and this whole no-hair thing is probably going to get very uncomfortable…and also a bomber jacket because it’s fall and transitional jackets are a thing…and the Célines happened because it had to happen (HOLY GRAIL)….

It’s all part of the journey. It’s all part of the journey. It’s all part of the journey. 


Notes on a Post-It 002

When did life get so big?

I started doing yoga and it’s changed everything, but not really. “Nah-maste” is the motto, because really, I still can’t deal with most people.

“just…fuck THIS whatever THIS IS.” – This quote is from a while ago, but it totally applies to the month of September.

Everyone is broken. No one is out here unbroken. You just need to find someone’s shards that kinda fit with your shards and try to make a mosaic or some shit. Your ability to ignore things is the mortar that holds you together.

I just want everyone to get laid and be their best selves. I’m also reading Brain Maker and have decided that regular orgasms and kombucha are the keys to a full and healthy life.

Finding your grails and buying them is so satisfying. Will doing that make you happier? No.  But it is SO. SATISFYING. More on this later. #SATISFACTION

I cut my hair and dyed it purple. I think I’m having a third-to-mid life crisis. I’m cute doe.

Momboy Looks



I think I like this new “fall” season I’ve heard so much about. Clothes are a lot more fun now that it’s colder.

If it’s on your ass, it’s not an asset


My dad used to use this phrase when trying to explain the difference between appreciation and depreciation. This usually happened when I was trying to justify buying something expensive. I should have listened to his financial advice, but I was young and knew everything.

Now that I’m not so young, I find myself saying the same thing.

The concept of “investment pieces” seems really strange to me. You can’t invest in clothing; anything you actually wear doesn’t appreciate in value. It (usually) won’t make you more money than you paid for it, so why does common fashion parlance deem it “investing”? I want to blame this on chauvinism, but that may just be my exhausted inner cynic vying for attention.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t spend money on the more expensive things we like. Ball out, by all means. But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking we are positively impacting our net worth when buying that Givenchy Pandora satchel. We aren’t. We’re buying something we hope we’ll wear enough to justify the cost. No more, no less.

I hoped these boots would be worth the cost (no, they weren’t expensive but I had to segue somehow). I’m only wearing them for the first time since purchasing in March, but they harken back to my tried and true tomboy meets stripper heels aesthetic. As is my usual pattern, I fixated on these (and a few other things) after seeing them in this pin and spent far too much time tracking them down. eBay provides.